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Pink Is a Way of Life

pinup1 Yeah, I’m just a bebop baby, and I don’t take nothing from no one!leatherrebel3leatherrebel  This Is my baby, no intentions on selling this one. Sometimes you have to make yourself something special. I have been working on this leather for years now and each piece is personal! Like the Deicide button was given to my little brother at the show and he gave it to me,its rare. The Misfits Pin came off the Coffin Box set I bought at Tower records in my teens. The big Pink Kawaii heart(just like mine) came from my friend’s line Lil Miss Alphabet.Love her. Complete with my Dollcult Barbie, Iconic Nikki Lipstick Pin!9 The Dr.Frank N Furter button is everything! I want to be him! My mom wore this pin on her leather when I was little. I always tried to steal it and was never successful. Only two valentines ago she sent it to me in the mail with her pink baby shoes, and other special pieces she wanted me to have. I cried! Tears of joy. We bonded hard of Rocky Horror Picture show! I even taught my 4th grade class the time warp for show and tell. It is Still my favorite movie of all time! Loved his leather!ho leathazYou can take the girl out of the street, but you can’t take the street out of the girl! Here is me in 1999 rocking my first leather as a baby gutter punk. Getting Turnt in the Horton Plaza Mall Bathroom. My friend Leah Took it, glad she did. 991099102 Being part of the punk scene was so inspirational. Going to shows was fun. Besides the music, the message, Non conformity, no fucks given, and fuck you! There were the coolest looks around! Girls and boys fully charged with colored hair, and one of a kind styles. Decorated Vests, Hand painted leathers, Pants sewn with dental floss, patches, buttons, lighter tops, studs, animal print, plaid, band shirts, bondage belts, spiked braclets,chokers, and other cool things. I wish I was as talented then as I am now or I would have graced the steets with this jacket sooner. I am finally making all the things I wanted to make then, but better! leatha  I decided to go with pink because This is my leather, and pink is my favorite color! Also just because I am wearing pink, dose not mean I can’t kick your ass any less hard than I can if It were in all black. Not that I advocate violence, I just never got the concept of looking weak because of a certain color. I was made fun of for wearing all black growing up too, people will say anything. Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder. A lot of people comment, you should throw more thrash metal on there dude, or Theme it all punk, all metal…whatever! I thought about those things due to social pressure, but standing out is not about fitting in.. Be yourself! That and, this is MY Jacket! SO that is why I have; Joy Division, Siouxsie, Cramps, Night of the Living Dead, Misfits,Thin Lizzy, Lou Reed, Megadeth, Maiden, SUB HUM ANZ, Black Flag, Bettie Page, Operation IV, Sepultura, Sex Pistols, Danzig, Marilyn, Bruce Lee, lots of Fucks,  Butthead, and Love is in Mixtapes! All stuff I love, am passionate about, and listen too often. Music that shaped me, and even saved my life. So it a story, aside being a fashion piece. 6 I started by painting counless layers of baby pink paint on the chosen sections and sleeves. Then I painted on the animal print because DUH! Then my little bro came over, we watched old punk films from my library, and went to town. It takes forever to Heavy a jacket and I haven’t done one like this before. I spaced them very close, and went through bags of cone studs. If you try this at home your fingers will be sore! I still have hours to clock in on this baby. I glued crystals in between the studs as well so it really sparkles!radf beauty2 These Pink Heart Platforms by Nikki Lipstick and Y.R.U. go perfectly with this jacket, a match made in Heaven. I love mixing pink and punk, tough and girly. Black and Pink look so good together too!beauty3pinup4 “It’s not my fault that I’m fucked up. I’m just a product of a selfish world. My whole life I’ve been an outcast. Now I don’t care, I don’t want to fit in anywhere!- Naked Agression pinup6“People are so quick to judge me. I do not care I will not change for them. There’s so much pressure to conformId rather be dead then act fake and end up like them!- NakedAgression. I love this band love her words,and values!pinup2I am also rocking a Nikki Lipstick Pink Stitches collar, a vintage spiked anklet, vintage black bodysuit, tutu skirt, doll leg tights, and a bondage belt I painted pink. Hair is N Rage Bubblegum pink, diluted with conditioner. Handmade the Hello Titty, Nail Polish, and black liquid eyeliner brooches.pinup5pinup7 Later, daddy-ospinup3 Love your life,love who you are,and love other for who they are. Pressure and guilt fuck people up more than what you think is killing them. God is Love.


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Candy Shot

artsy4 Candy Shot to the head, feelings shot dead. Sugar Rush Straight to the brain, The mad style will leave you insane. I haven’t had much time for rest lately, Blog, or anything really. I have been in a world of creation, a transition from the day job to the dream one. I have been working on branding my business, creating fabulous fun stuff for you to buy, and, painting any chance I get. All this is a exercise in creativity mixed with a lifetime love affair with  fashion and self expression through style, to pay for the big dream.  To paint any time I want, to have the life as an artist, to travel.  I work hard to make the little I have, and I crave, endless hours to create, paint, and express my years of ideas.  I need to spend more time in nature with my feet in the dirt and connecting my mind, body, and soul, so I may continue to spread love and inspiration to others.  I need to be in the Ocean every chance this summer to feel like myself again. I also Styled a really cute Look book Video in LA,  for New York designer  Hello Eliza, with a friend/film maker/photographer Jeannette, and We Are Mortals Owner Anji. That adorable clear hot pink plastic choker that reads Soy SAUCY! That is one of her pieces I just adore.  Anyways… that is what I have been up to. That and I was the face painter at a Kids 80s party, drank my ass off with my Brasilians for the Opening of the World Cup, watched tons of Films like always, and worked at the good old Record-Thrift Shop. I am having fun working hard, but I am planning on resting, and Detoxing more starting now. Putting more health recipes up and getting my body ready for summer. I plant to put a lot of focus into anti aging masks, recipes, and tips. Fill your summer with color and follow my summer obsessions. Insta is macy_daisy :}artsy3 http://macymarie.storenvy.com/ artsy2 Look at all the cute accessories I have been sending out all over the World!!!! Love You all for your support, each one of you play special part in my life, in aiding my creativity, and financial hardship slaying. Thank you for making me feel good about myself, and inspiring me  to do more. Love, and support make the world go round. Share. colar I am really into making big bright Fluffies, and clear plastic collars for summer! My baby blue, Slime green combo is the best! It is all about going big, bright, and colorful this summer. I am still obsessing in the childlike 90s dreams of youth as you can clearly see. I found these adorable erasers and had to fill them in clear Vinyl!! I love the little rainbows, daisies, and mushrooms. http://macymarie.storenvy.com/ colar2 I also was called a Muse and drawn into a young beautiful talented artist “ART BOOK”. I was so honored because I love to draw other women who inspire me as well. She really has a unique style with a 60s spirit, she captured my essence. It looks how I feel, I love it. So glamorous.artsy1

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A Girl By The Sea

There was a girl who lived by the sea, and  friend-ed a mermaid who was too perfect to be. They shared solemn emotions hard to control, There hearts were connected, mind body and soul. With each magical creation her life was sewn, and with her siren friend she felt less alone.  Talking and Playing under the starry lights,endless inspiration filled so many nights. tearsseee Here is a letter I wrote about my dear sea dwelling friend Marina. Mermaid Tears destroy all fears.Marinas Tears2 Now that you know the story, I feel it is time I part ways with my Marina’s Tears. Handmade with love, pearls, broken jewelry, crystals, gold wire, tiny shells, and a magical flower. The beaded necklace itself came from an Island in Brazil I got years ago, and the vile from the bottom of the ocean. Share this necklace with a best friend for whom circumstances causes distance. Enjoy it until you meet again, then your bestie can keep near her heart when it is her turn. Sharing love, and special creations is a fun way to stay close with a far away friend. Even make your own and decorate it more and more as time goes on. If you would like to purchase Marina’s Tears Necklace, the first in my Girl By The Sea Collection, then head to http://macymarie.storenvy.com/marina marina2 Imagine this long ethereal  necklace, with a cozy fuzzy long sweater!!! or super ripped jeans. Love.

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Kindness Perception

fluff“Be Kind, For everyone you meet is fighting the hard battle.



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Look Attractive But Don’t Do A Number

garden3garden I am just in love with this vintage romper I scored at work last week. It is like a corset, breathing, and eating are overrated anyway. Tiny pink roses swirled with green leaves, embroidered to girly perfection. I had to wear it right away so I made some tea, put on my vintage dream house playlist, and got dolled up. I rolled up some faux bangs,threw on a pink bandanna, and pulled my hair into pig tails. Then some pearls, cute lace tights, pink pumps, and little pink sheer robe. Then I sat in the garden sipping tea and reading a 1978 book on How to Break Into Motion Pictures, Television, commercials, and modeling. By Nina Blanchard. All the while I am playing the role of a Lolita Loving young actress in the 80s, living in a pink trailer in Hollywood and planning on sending in my head shots. Should I use a pink envelope? I love pink flamingos, tea, martinis, pillows, roses, occasional whiskey, lolly pops, magazines, Pilates, pearls, pink fur, lingerie, stuffed animals,the beach,and sparkles. Back to make believe. This book is very amusing, The Doors to success: Talent Personality, beauty, discipline, hey I got that, I spent my lifetime training. Note to self, Auxiliary skills are  must, as self consciousness limits freedom of movement. Dance, speech classes, and acting training a must, now time to find an agent. Look attractive, but don’t do a number. Oh, and open your mouth, now is not a time to be shy. Use your Assets. Do you have a beautiful smile, use it! Do you fit the emotional requirements? There is a test you know.  First question why do you want to be an actress? What will you do if your not successful If your husband, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend dose not want you in the business? Would you cut your hair? This book is a tad intimidating. But when I make it I am going to say…..Its the only thing in the world I want to do.pinkpinkk Making these bobby pins my bitches! Seriously, you have to, or else they twist and make you manic. bath Take pretty baths, you only live once. This pic is not mine but it is everything! I love gold and dusty rose pink, and am scary obsessed with babydolls, stockings,and vintage lingerie. heaven What I dream of, where I wish I could live out my days.  garden7 I will forever love boas.garden2garden44

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Halloween Girl

Halloween is my favorite holiday(runs in the family), so I celebrate the entire month of October. My mom is an  amazing seamstress/costume designer, and she always made a big deal around Halloween. We had the best costumes, me and my brothers, stitched and handmade to perfection. We were poop as hell but my mom always made it work, you can’t buy talent.We would all decorate, sit around and watch horror films. So many Horror films, especially the campy B ones. I loved Freaks! Halloween decor would stay up through December, and some would make it all year. We were different, raised to be creative. Our favorite shows were Twilight Zone, Tales from the Crypt, Elvira show, Are You Afraid of the Dark, and goosebumps even! My mom got me into David Lynch, and John Waters films very young! It might have something to do with why I am such a weirdo. So I took after her in a way, I make the absolute most out of October,  dress as crazy as I can, and make a bunch of cool Halloween stuff.

Halloween thus far: A trip to the Whaley House, partying with Beetlejuice, wearing my favorite lace and sequins bone blouse I made, dancing with the dead in skeleton tights and stripper heels, lacing my hair with skeletons, and decorating my lashes with big black feathers for my wicca goth costume. More costumes and recipes to come.


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