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Green Goddess

green2 I try to drink a green juice or smoothie every day!It gets expensive buying out so I make them in my juicer from home. So good for your health, complexion, energy level, and a youthful vibe! I try to get as many  leafy greens, herbs, fruits, and veggies into my body as humanly possible! So just put all these yummy organic ingredients through a juicer and enjoy! Serves 2.greens Spinach, Kale, Romaine, Mint, Ginger, Cucumber, Lemon, Orange, Pear, Apple, and pineapple.green1 Serve up in a pretty glass with some decrotive paper straws and a garnish or not! XXXO


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Rose Iced Tea

rose1  Roses are red, violets are Blue, sip them in tea, its good for you! Well at least the roses. They have so many health and beauty benefits, a soft floral flavor, and so beautiful to sip. Pink, and rich in natural antioxidants! I love it Iced and warm, but its summer so cold it is! You can buy them online too if you can’t at the market. All you have to do is steep them in almost boiling water like you would any tea, but a bit stronger. Let it cool, and toss in a handful of rosebuds. Place it in the fridge to chill or meddle for a while, then pour over Ice in a pretty glass. Enjoy.rose3 There are lots of articles you can read online about its benefits, but I found this pic that sums it up! Also fun to experiment with other flavors, like green tea, or my favorite, some coconut milk, sliced strawberries, and a little honey or raw sugar. It taste like a delicate french candy I love.rose2rose4

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Angel Lunch

rose A cup of tea, kombucha, and a light lunch in the backyard is heavenly. I love Wasa Crisps with Ricotta, cucumber, tomato, sea salt, and a drizzle of olive oil, is so yummy! Throw in a couple of baby angel statues, pink roses, and pretty dishes to make a quick elegant enviornment. Play classical music put on a pretty outfit, or pajamas, then lay on blanket and enjoy. Read a book if time allows. I play a little make believe for fun. Life is beautiful,enjoy.

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Lavender Lemonade Iced Tea Dreams

lav1 I love making iced tea concoctions because they are refreshing, healthy, and pretty. This Icey Lemonade Lavender Sage Tea mix is heavenly. Perfect Spring and summer drink. lav2

Boil some water for your tea, or grab your kettle. Fill a tea infuser with Some food grade lavender(I bought it at the farmers market) and Organic Guayusa Sage Lavender Tea.(I bought at the market). la  Let it steep and then add some ice, lemon slices,and the juice of one lemon. Lightly Sweeten however you like, I used some Organic Raw Sugar. I like it a little tart. Let it sit in the fridge until ready to serve. I waited a few hours and it was perfect. I even popped it in the freezer along with prepared glasses for an extra chilly treat.lav3lav4 I hand make these little faerie tea infusers. Macymarie.storenvy.com Serve it in a pretty glass with lavender straws, lemon slices, and ice. I would have put a fresh sprig of Lavender but I forgot it.

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Cocoa Anti Aging Mask

coco It is national Chocolate day so I decided to indulge in it! So lets celebrate the healthy way, with a dark cocoa anti aging mask. It is so easy and smells so good! It almost  takes the craving for chocolate away, Almost. I still made myself a hottie chocolate just in case.(see recipes) It is National chocolate day after all. choco2 Just combine 1 scoop, TBS or so, of dark cocoa powder, and a slightly larger scoop of Greek yogurt. It will make a thick paste, and if it is too hard to stir, add a tad more yogurt. Stir well and apply chocolate mask with your finger tips to your skin. Leave for about 15 minutes, relax, and rinse with warm water.choco It made my skin feel supple, soft, and smelled so good it was a treat. I will try it a few more times to see how I like it. I came across a magazine article, well a beauty tip, about how Dominican beauties keep wrinkle free with cocoa. They believe it protects, and moisturizes the skin, and learned that ancient Aztecs used it as part of their beauty regimen. Cocoa is loaded with Flavonols,protective compounds that tame inflammation and neutralize free radicals, that cause aging. So make a dark hot cocoa,and sip it in the bath, while you wear this luxurious velvety mask. It is designed to gain more moisture for your skin. Happy National Chocolate day!

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Hottie Chocolate

pinky4 Hot Chocolate warms your heart and your tummy. Here is a quick,easy,and healthy recipe to leave you licking your lips. Perfect for kissing,cuddling, and watching movies in bed. I use a spicy dark chocolate with Chile to make this cutie. Just break a few squares off, maybe a little more, and break them into pieces into a pretty cup. Eat a bite of chocolate, and make sure you are wearing cute pajamas,and socks. Now then, heat up some unsweetened chocolate almond milk(slight boil) and pour it over the chocolate pieces in your pretty cup. Stir slowly and sexy. Scoop some vanilla bean coconut milk ice cream on top, and your done. It gives it that marshmallow flavor.  Let it melt in while you settle down. pinky3 The Ingredients to make your childhood indulgence a bit healthier. pinky2pinky1You are what you eat, so eat something cute!

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Pink Tart

12 Summer sunsets in the garden with an organic smoothie, candles, and a book. I love taking a little time everyday to spoil myself, relax, play dress up, and day dream. 3This smoothie is my new obsession and so addicting! I stumbled upon it on a menu at a random restaurant, and had to make it! I am obsessed with grapefruit, strawberries, pineapple, and bananas. Then all blended together with a big hand full of Ice makes for a sexy citrus pink drink. It really is perfection, I love the combination of flavors, and the slimming, and skin benefits. Plus fruit really makes your skin glow. When it is really hot it is hard to eat sometimes, so this is an easy, healthy,filling, and refreshing treat. So Good. 4 I love candles! I can not live without them. I love being by fire in general, especially outside when the sun is going down. Warmth, comfort, and light, whats not to be absolutely mesmerized by. 5 6 Enjoy your life, and make every little thing you do special, because you only have this one. Take care of it. So If you want to take a further step towards sexy, and radiance, make one of these. Unless you don’t care for grapefruit, you will hate this. My mom taught me to love it, but it wasn’t too hard. Just blend fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, a hand full of each trimmed strawberries, frozen fresh pineapple, ice, a banana, and splash of water. So yummy, and worth every sip.

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