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Holographic Fantasy

8I’ve been struggling harder then ever lately, so close to leaving society! Just when I felt like giving up, I received the most magical healing package from Shop Holographic Fantasy. It snapped me back into the fairy I am. My views haven’t changed but its easy to get caught up, busy, and lost. Forget that life is a beautiful journey and things need to be enjoyed, loved and appreciated. Not wasted, disposed, to die and take up space.lips I too believe! That Garments should be cherished and lived in until finding a better home. Repairing each scar by hand with love in every stitch. Sharing “energy Imprints” I’m about that. A link is attached to the blog so you can read it for yourself! Get inspired! With the intimate relationship we as human beings have with our clothes. el1This sparked my new year resolutions of self care, and care for the world around. I am just so happy for these healing treasures and beautiful handmade Sculpt Her pieces! I will post pictures soon because I will be living in them!  While I do love to shop and get myself something new every once in a while. We don’t need more money for more things. We need to love and enjoy what we have and buy second hand more. Clothing swaps with friends is always nice. I’ve spent years working at thrift stores and I see first hand the excess and waste. There is so much to re purpose. So many beautiful clothes,  furniture, craft supplies, kitchenware, workout equipment!  While I do find myself in trends to survive  which I dislike for many reasons…. conformity, waste, slave labor…all that fast fashion talk… ya know. Watch True Cost!  It is also good to learn how to do everything yourself!  Baby steps. Anyways my faery friend  Elce reminds me the importance of Self Care, Meditation, Love, creativity, and giving!Also the Importance of renewing a garment! Visit holographicfantasy.com or insta: @shopholographicfantasy

5“In this day and age we as consumers frequently fail to recognize how much of our waste comes from clothing. Our mentality no longer entails grabbing a needle and repairing our garments ourselves but instead throwing them away and purchasing a new one dropping all of that perfectly useful fabric into a landfill. ” -Elce Read all about it here: http://www.holographicfantasy.com

“These garments are made of naturally dyed silk chiffon and were created with no patterns each existing as a one of a kind entity. As the pieces wear the owners energy imprints onto them evolving their personality. They’re created to be long time staples and heirlooms rather than trendy garments with short lived existences.’fae.jpg This fairy of 100% pure silk chiffon that has been dyed with turmeric root, coffee and berries then hand stitched together with love. Still available! “ SculptHER was created in a delicate manor to fray and fade overtime so that the garments keepers will feel inspired to repair them and continue their pieces’ life while also becoming aware of their habits as lovers of fashion in a consumerist age of disposable trends.”64This natural glittery “Flower Power” body powder is heavenly. 3 I cant wait to soften my skin with this! The fairy bath soak is so dreamy too! http://www.holographicfantasy.com/shop2 This necklace is never coming of me either! Truly love every single piece! The note is exactly why! I save and collect and put so much magic into everything I do and I appreciate it back! 9This “Wind Down” Soy  Ritual Candle is my favorite! With Lavender, White Sage, and Lepidolite Stone. Designed to address the inner self in a positive light, allowing acceptance, and awareness. Made with love and faerie magic! “These healing candles have been formulated with the intention of bringing light to life in all senses of the word altering the way we experience space through smell.”10


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Ooh La Lavender

pffLavender is one of my favorite shades, I get the perfect color on my hair by Using Manic panic Ultra Violet, conditioner, and some N Rage Bubblegum pink. It always fades perfectly and leaves hair with a silver platinum tint. Lavender fluffs up at macymarie.storenvy.com.teaI am also selling my handmade painted tea Infusers as well! Lumpy Space Princess, and fairies. lsp2 I really like this tea!lsp Lump Off!news How cute are these sailor school girl outfits! Had to get one in each of my favorite hair colors! Super cheap on EBAY! Buttons I collected over the years.ews2lavv Like I said I love this color…So I made myself some cute and punky arm candy. purp3 Party Fluffs up too! Oh My Glob.purp4 Daisy earrings by Marina Fini.lavvv Treat Yourself right! Tea, candles, Violet faerie bath, purple pearl lip mask, face mask,and hair touch up! Life is too short to not make everything you do special.lalal

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sleepyhead2 I have been making a limited edition collection of Wearable Art Peignoirs. Re worked vintage, decorated, by hand, dyed, stitched, and decorated with love. This Is My SleepyHead Jacket! A play of the candy Lemonheads, but with a victory curl. I love how it came out and was really hard to part with it. I already sold this beauty. The marabou yellow poms with the sparkly blue Gems are my favorite part, that and the little pink velvet rose bows. I am addicted to making little ribbon rose bow combos.lemonhead2 I made this adorable baby pink powder puff purse from a hat box! I love it. Kawaii Till I die.sleepyhead3lemonheadsleepyhead1 “I believe when life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade…and try to find someone whose life has given them vodka, and have a party.” -Ron White

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Scream and Run Run Runway

bucket I have been working really hard on putting on a kawaii runway show. I painted cute pumpkin buckets for the models to throw out treats to the crowd. A battle of light and dark to display my personal struggle between the two worlds-styles was the story. I also wanted to showcase my love for costume, baby doll life, creativity, and accessories. It went beyond fabulous, and I went beyond tipsy. It was a celebration of self love, and getting dolled up. Every model killed it. The energy was so strong.  It was hours of playing dress up and having cocktails with pretty girls. My good friends drove to town to walk in my show, and celebrate with me! So Happy! I met new friends, and inspired love and self expression. We rooftop partied, and my friend and husband slept in their van at work.  In the morning I went to work, played more dress up, had hair of the dog drinks, and danced to T.S.O.L, Misfits, and the Cramps with my girl Kelsey. They slept over and we cooked and watched horror movies in bed. Then took the bus with my love and chilled in LA, attended Dripped and have been resting since. Well as much as I can get away with. show2 My friends, angels from LA, and total babes who drove down to walk in my show. kels My Cherry Blossom. cb A submissive, girly, pink, cherry blossom faerie,who dances with the dark. cb2 Faerie and mermaid nostalgia swirled for a lust for Halloween.sea This is my Sea Goddess look. All for sale at macymarie.storenvy.com. bad This is  one of my looks for the darkside. nursey My Vampy Nurse slayed. show3 The makeup artists got my vibe down perfectly. cutshow4dev My friend Devin and one of the makeup artists:) Love this girl.    babe4

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I’m The Cute One

I am the cute one! bbm My personality is sugar,I always wear my hair in pigtails, and my favorite color is baby blue I love cuddling animals, reading Japanese manga, and being girly. bubbs3bubbss  Bubbles is defined by her innocence, playfulness and gentle demeanor, having a tendency to be naive, ditzy, submissive, timid and sensitive. These traits initially caused those around her, especially Blossom and Buttercup, to underestimate her abilities as a superhero;bubb I love the Powerpuff Girls! I grew up with it,and always related to bubbles so hard! No explanation needed. So I had to make her the first Powerpuff fluff in my new very limited edition fluffies. Get a pair at http://macymarie.storenvy.com/ They are hand shaped, baked, painted, and glossed then attached to a gold chain and marabou baby blue fluff I sewed, and trimmed. Buy one before I sonic scream!!!!bubbs2 I can be dim-witted and a bit of a loud-mouth. bubbls I’m sensitive you know. I have a slight crush on Boomer of the The Rowdyruff Boys. Shhh. Unicorn necklace, shoes, My Unico coin purse, and blue babydoll thrifted. The socks are leg ave, White faux fur coat Betsey Johnson. lip gloss Flamingo Vintage LA, Fluffs, and hair bows macymarie.storenvy.com.issssbubbls4 I hate when my friends fight! Where is my Octi stuffy!! ppp How cute are they! Get a pair http://www.storenvy.com/stores/163401-macymarie Only a few pairs of each will be made. Limited edition wearable art at macymarie.storenvy.compp I have not sketched in a while, and I used to always make drawings with the power puff girls, so here is one I call Chemical X.puff OMG so cool. DUH.


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Swan Maiden

swansbaby blue Tell father that if he wishes to see me again he must find me in the Land East o’ the Sun and West o’ the Moon;” and with that she flew away.swans I sent these to a fellow designer babe, who loves to play dress up and create beautiful things.

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Moi Miss Piggy

pinkypie2 “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye”- Miss Piggy piggy piggy2 Moi speaks body language fluently, although with a slight French accent.” Couture Statement piece necklace fit for the Diva Miss Piggy Herself. But no real diamonds, sorry. It ways a  bit and makes an Impact. Handmade with so much love, magic and nostalgia.Look for the tiny pop tart, vintage mickey glove, and tiny details added one by one by hand. Only for those who like to subtly stand out! Because “there is no one on the planet to compare with moi.” -Miss Piggy So If you are glamorous, love pink, sparkles, drama, and like to be the center of attention, then this one is for you.pinkypie3 http://macymarie.storenvy.com/products/7890693-moi-miss-piggy-necklaceboy

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