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Green Goddess

green2 I try to drink a green juice or smoothie every day!It gets expensive buying out so I make them in my juicer from home. So good for your health, complexion, energy level, and a youthful vibe! I try to get as many  leafy greens, herbs, fruits, and veggies into my body as humanly possible! So just put all these yummy organic ingredients through a juicer and enjoy! Serves 2.greens Spinach, Kale, Romaine, Mint, Ginger, Cucumber, Lemon, Orange, Pear, Apple, and pineapple.green1 Serve up in a pretty glass with some decrotive paper straws and a garnish or not! XXXO


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Pink Tart

12 Summer sunsets in the garden with an organic smoothie, candles, and a book. I love taking a little time everyday to spoil myself, relax, play dress up, and day dream. 3This smoothie is my new obsession and so addicting! I stumbled upon it on a menu at a random restaurant, and had to make it! I am obsessed with grapefruit, strawberries, pineapple, and bananas. Then all blended together with a big hand full of Ice makes for a sexy citrus pink drink. It really is perfection, I love the combination of flavors, and the slimming, and skin benefits. Plus fruit really makes your skin glow. When it is really hot it is hard to eat sometimes, so this is an easy, healthy,filling, and refreshing treat. So Good. 4 I love candles! I can not live without them. I love being by fire in general, especially outside when the sun is going down. Warmth, comfort, and light, whats not to be absolutely mesmerized by. 5 6 Enjoy your life, and make every little thing you do special, because you only have this one. Take care of it. So If you want to take a further step towards sexy, and radiance, make one of these. Unless you don’t care for grapefruit, you will hate this. My mom taught me to love it, but it wasn’t too hard. Just blend fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, a hand full of each trimmed strawberries, frozen fresh pineapple, ice, a banana, and splash of water. So yummy, and worth every sip.

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Healthy Body Healthy Mind

Feeling a lack of energy and vitality, sluggish, and slightly dull? We can all fall victim to this, but you can change it anytime you want. I am sharing this knowledge I picked upalong the way for those who need a little help.So if you want to look your best, be vibrant, young, and glowing, read on. Feed your skin and body the healthiest stuff  from the inside out. What we eat directly affects how we look. You really are what you eat. You can transform yourself into the most sexy glowing beautiful you. A healthy body is a healthy mind. The healthy mind keeps feeding the body beautiful vibes and inspiration. To achieve a more beautiful you, here are some tips, and remember,Water is essential! Clean up your diet, and change your way of living. Beauty routines, like creams, face masks, exercises, hair care, and even skin brushing is crucial. Get a little sun, and lots of sleep.

I am big on the mind and body connection. I see girls in the same place I used to be, struggling with their weight, not realizing its a positive mind switch that will turbocharge the process. Eating good healing foods too, but we will get to that. See yourself as an athletic, healthy eating, self loving, gym person.Don’t even look into the mirror until when you do, when you look,you are who you have always known. It really works.  Beauty is ritualistic, you eat slow, taste every bite of your juicy peach, eat it on a pretty dish, with good tea. Read about how beneficial fruit, veggies, and greens are, and think about how you are beautifying yourself in each and every bite. It worked for me. I believed in my self and visualized how I wanted to be, who I am. I smiled, drank tons of tea, made tons of beauty masks, had mini spas, and turned my nose up at bad food. I fell in love with exercise, dance, stretching, and mild lifting. I walk a lot. I promise you can be that butterfly. First eliminate all those who don’t support your new way of living. Don’t ever guilt yourself tho, it ruins the positive vibes you have been living, enjoy it. Plus, You wont want to binge when you treat yourself, and 1 cheat day a week is a body building secret. Just think before you eat, feel sexy, walk with good posture, and never be lazy, unless you are napping, very very healthy!

Water is the elixir of youth. Keep your skin  plump and hydrated, and nutrients flowing to your skin, hair, and nail cells by drinking at least eight glasses a day.You can not be beautiful, energetic, and healthy without drinking enough water. If you have been feeling older and exhausted, you probably are dehydrated, and need some water. A way to help you drink more water, and stay away from sodas, alcohol,and other bad drinks, is to make infused waters. Mix fresh fruit, cucumber, and lemon slices in it. Oh, and drink lots of tea, detox, lavender earl grey, slim, chamomile, sleepytime,or your favorite blend. Also I get an Iced green tea, no sweeter, every day, maybe 2. Drink up and feel yourself hydrating.

The quickest and least expensive way to change your looks and feel better mentally and physically is to clean up your diet. Hands down, watch everything you eat, and eat every fruit and veggie you can get your hands on. Some foods speed up weight loss, and seriously get your skin glowing. Be a snob about food, why eat the same old boring stuff, save those calories for onlythe best. Healthy, organic food tastes so much better too. (Look under my recipe and beauty section for recipes). I will put a grocery list up of my essentials later! Eat lots of fiber, and Greek yogurt, to keep your digestive system flowing. Avoid sugar like the plague, unless you are cheating a bit 😉 Watch out it is in like everything. Now Imagine a body filled with colorful fruits, veggies, leafy greens, healing herbs, tea and water, walking the beach in the sunshine. Now Imagine a body parked in front of the couch with a diet of Cheetos, light beer, soda,processed sandwiches, white bread,hot dogs, french fries, fast food, and ice cream. I wonder who looks more radiant. I’m not talking iceberg lettuce salads, under ripe tomatoes, buttery corn,and sugary dressings. Those are empty calories.I am talking farmers markets, blueberries, pineapple, spinach, kale, green smoothies,sprouts, peppers, avocados,beets, grapefruit,lemon,  fresh herbs, olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, seeds,yogurt, flax seed, chia seed, fish, and lean protein. Feed your ego.

Beauty routines not only make you feel glamorous, and girly, but helps you stay focused  in the whole mind body connection. When you are eating healthy food, making face masks,anti aging scrubs, slicing cold cucumbers, and freezing tea bags for your eyes, you can’t stop. You want to eat better, and work out more. When you feel yourself getting prettier you become prettier, a healthy domino effect. So go make a beauty box, I will be doing a diy soon. Check my beauty section for more recipes and ideas.

Exercise! You have to in order to:Increase circulation, improve digestion, stimulate your metabolism, remove excess waste from you internal organs, and skin, thus delivering oxygen to your body, so you can take on radiance. Plus it is a major stress reducer. Stress causes aging, hair loss, depression, and weight gain. Avoid all that mess and get moving, it does become addicting too. I love to go to the gym.

Sunshine is crucial to happiness, health, and pure vitamin D intake. It also clears up my skin. So soak up some feel good serotonin and get a healthy glow. Do wear sunscreen, and don’t bake yourself. A little goes a long way.

Sleep is a huge beauty secret, and the cheapest. While I love to stay out all night and party, I have to lock myself in a room with a sleep mask, tea, and movies in bed. I indulge in partying, but I nap often and get as much rest as possible. Puffy under eye circles, and dull hair is not cute. day25


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Fruit makes you Glow


I love Fresh fruits for breakfast, especially honey yogurt on papaya! It’s also fun to eat new kinds like dragon fruit. So sexy and colorful. Fruit is so yummy, full of fiber, digestive enzymes, vitamins, and it does wonders for your complexion. A healthy Glow. A perfect way to start your day, along with tea or coffee.

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