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Holographic Fantasy

8I’ve been struggling harder then ever lately, so close to leaving society! Just when I felt like giving up, I received the most magical healing package from Shop Holographic Fantasy. It snapped me back into the fairy I am. My views haven’t changed but its easy to get caught up, busy, and lost. Forget that life is a beautiful journey and things need to be enjoyed, loved and appreciated. Not wasted, disposed, to die and take up space.lips I too believe! That Garments should be cherished and lived in until finding a better home. Repairing each scar by hand with love in every stitch. Sharing “energy Imprints” I’m about that. A link is attached to the blog so you can read it for yourself! Get inspired! With the intimate relationship we as human beings have with our clothes. el1This sparked my new year resolutions of self care, and care for the world around. I am just so happy for these healing treasures and beautiful handmade Sculpt Her pieces! I will post pictures soon because I will be living in them!  While I do love to shop and get myself something new every once in a while. We don’t need more money for more things. We need to love and enjoy what we have and buy second hand more. Clothing swaps with friends is always nice. I’ve spent years working at thrift stores and I see first hand the excess and waste. There is so much to re purpose. So many beautiful clothes,  furniture, craft supplies, kitchenware, workout equipment!  While I do find myself in trends to survive  which I dislike for many reasons…. conformity, waste, slave labor…all that fast fashion talk… ya know. Watch True Cost!  It is also good to learn how to do everything yourself!  Baby steps. Anyways my faery friend  Elce reminds me the importance of Self Care, Meditation, Love, creativity, and giving!Also the Importance of renewing a garment! Visit holographicfantasy.com or insta: @shopholographicfantasy

5“In this day and age we as consumers frequently fail to recognize how much of our waste comes from clothing. Our mentality no longer entails grabbing a needle and repairing our garments ourselves but instead throwing them away and purchasing a new one dropping all of that perfectly useful fabric into a landfill. ” -Elce Read all about it here: http://www.holographicfantasy.com

“These garments are made of naturally dyed silk chiffon and were created with no patterns each existing as a one of a kind entity. As the pieces wear the owners energy imprints onto them evolving their personality. They’re created to be long time staples and heirlooms rather than trendy garments with short lived existences.’fae.jpg This fairy of 100% pure silk chiffon that has been dyed with turmeric root, coffee and berries then hand stitched together with love. Still available! “ SculptHER was created in a delicate manor to fray and fade overtime so that the garments keepers will feel inspired to repair them and continue their pieces’ life while also becoming aware of their habits as lovers of fashion in a consumerist age of disposable trends.”64This natural glittery “Flower Power” body powder is heavenly. 3 I cant wait to soften my skin with this! The fairy bath soak is so dreamy too! http://www.holographicfantasy.com/shop2 This necklace is never coming of me either! Truly love every single piece! The note is exactly why! I save and collect and put so much magic into everything I do and I appreciate it back! 9This “Wind Down” Soy  Ritual Candle is my favorite! With Lavender, White Sage, and Lepidolite Stone. Designed to address the inner self in a positive light, allowing acceptance, and awareness. Made with love and faerie magic! “These healing candles have been formulated with the intention of bringing light to life in all senses of the word altering the way we experience space through smell.”10


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Lavender Lemonade Iced Tea Dreams

lav1 I love making iced tea concoctions because they are refreshing, healthy, and pretty. This Icey Lemonade Lavender Sage Tea mix is heavenly. Perfect Spring and summer drink. lav2

Boil some water for your tea, or grab your kettle. Fill a tea infuser with Some food grade lavender(I bought it at the farmers market) and Organic Guayusa Sage Lavender Tea.(I bought at the market). la  Let it steep and then add some ice, lemon slices,and the juice of one lemon. Lightly Sweeten however you like, I used some Organic Raw Sugar. I like it a little tart. Let it sit in the fridge until ready to serve. I waited a few hours and it was perfect. I even popped it in the freezer along with prepared glasses for an extra chilly treat.lav3lav4 I hand make these little faerie tea infusers. Macymarie.storenvy.com Serve it in a pretty glass with lavender straws, lemon slices, and ice. I would have put a fresh sprig of Lavender but I forgot it.

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Mad Magical Style

fae2 Excuse me for the lack of posts lately. I have been swamped with work, meetings, collaborations, networking, branding my company, and doing a little artistic soul searching. Mercury in Retrograde always sets my Virgo self back as well. After years upon years I will finally be launching my dream collection this summer, and my Brand. Fae-ded Daisy I’m back,and inspired once more to write, and share my life with you all. I am really excited to create more, make art,and take it all to the next level. Here are some of the cute and magical things Iv’e been making for my shop.fae Tiny Tea Fairies, manifestation candles, kawaii pins, clip in unicorn horns, and fairy dress up kits! All made with love, magic, high vibrations, and loud music!faeeeeefaaaa  Do you believe in fairies?faaaaSometimes you just need a little vodka and glitter to get through the work.crafts Idle hands are the devils playground. http://macymarie.storenvy.com/love6love1 Coming up with new fluffs everyday, because I am a manic artist, and always trying new and different things. I just love how they glam up any look, and are so fun, girly, and playful. love3jpg Evil eye fluffs to protect yourself from the envious!min These are my sparkle snow cone fluffs, served up in style. I take pride in my packaging, probably as much fun as creating the item itself.snowconfcrafts2 The Persian cat fluffs are puuuuurfect. I am going to start making other color cats soon. Hand painted and sewn with love.puuur pastelsssqueenfrostbfffffbroochServing up cute every day at http://macymarie.storenvy.com/ sspuffpuff I love powder puffs! The ultimate symbol of femininity, glamour, Vanity icons! When I was 16 I got the KITTEN one from Benefit Cosmetics that made me forever shimmer. I love Dita Von Teese and her Powder puff compact dance as well. So I make them in pin, hair clip, and ring form…http://macymarie.storenvy.com/ nowpinkbandana Gutter pop bananas are hand dyed, bleached, and decorated to puuurfection. Inspired by mu little brother, he is in the gutter forever and I love him for it. Gutter punk to a kept baby doll. Never lose the child inside, fuck the conforms of society and their oppressed values on the norm. Some of us had lost childhoods, and the need to fulfill the void.bby2cbling2peachfae My second Ouija Planchette! Pink Magic, it sold very fast. I cant wait to come across some more and make new ones.I love decorating these.gl pinkfaeryEvery purchase from my shop comes with goodies, and wrapped up like a dream. I throw in so many special extras, random art, quotes, and more. I want purchasing from my shop a magical playful experience. Depending on what you buy, and how often,decides how much spoiling is gonna go down, I love you all and thank you for the love and support! It means the world to me, and I need every penny, believe me. As you can tell I am all about the art and integrity of my name over a cheap buck any day, but I am a starving artist and need the cash every now and then,you know!  Look forward to many more posts,healthy recipes, and tips on fighting bullshit on the daily.

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A Pastel Dream State

cb1cb6cb3cb5cb4 I am terminally pastel, no going back, I can just sink into an oblivion of muted down pinks, blues, and violets. Baby Blue is my all time favorite color. I love pink so much too, but right now I am crushing hard on anything in this pastel shade. I am dying to have my hair a light baby blue for summer, so I chalked my hair a bit to see how it would look. It blended so perfect with my existing lavender, and baby pink, I might just have to keep it. I like! I know I damaged my hair a bit, but having mermaid, or my little pony hair is so worth it. You only live once! I mean it, life is too damn short for worrying about what other people think. We all have our own perceptions on reality, so live and let live, and always give love. Mind your own Business. Never mind judgement, comparison, or envy. Do your best with fear. Be Yourself, let go, and always have fun. Don’t be afraid to be original.

When I am home I wear my vintage lingerie, it makes me feel girly, and glamorous. I also went extreme with the makeup but I had this urge for a goddess third eye, and whimsical spider lashes. I felt like being art today, just decorate myself,  blend, and paint until it feels right. Then make some tea, watch Frozen, and craft in bed.  Then have my boyfriend take photos of me modeling my new items. Made so many pom pom fluffies my bed looks like the Lorax forest. I already sold out of all of them too, so making currently making more. I really like how the Cinderella blues one turned out. I glued two vintage charms together, and added a gold chain to these precious poofs. Macymarie.storenvy.com to buy. hey2  This was my look yesterday, pastel lavender, pink, and gold. This pink flamingo, clear plastic heart,  handbag is still for sale: macymarie.storenvy.com. Only making three of these. hey3 Well I never promised you a rose garden.hey I will be selling so many magical pastel accessories, vintage baby dolls & nightgowns in the near future, so stay tuned. I am also working on a series of Pastel erotic paintings, floral nymph watercolors, fantasy art, and surprise collections. Also trying to finally launch my line, Kindred Stars. but it is taking a while. I am working hard, and working my day job too, so I have been tired, and broke, but I am doing it. That is all that matters., and having so much fun sharing my creations with others. Now I am taking some more time to myself, going on walks, eating super clean, and working out. Pastel State of Mind. And getting packages ready for so beautiful fashion faeries. No joke, so many beautiful girls around the world are rocking my giant pom pom earrings. I love You all, and have to share pics.  yyss So this jacket has finally set sail, on it’s way to a cute Pink haired french blogger babe.lilstar Little star is on its way to Australia. That and half my Lorax Trees. food

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Cotton Candy Creativity

cc My latest creation! Cotton Candy Pom pom Earrings! They come served up in a pink tulle bag, with a stick, and with a baby blue velvet bow, tiny ribbon rose, and a handmade lollipop charm. It really looks like a bag of fresh cotton candy. Soft, girly, and pastel perfection. The little pink chains and handmade earring backs melt my heart. cottoncandy3cotton4 I made these bad ass pink pastel rainbow leggings too, from cutting sleeves off an ice skating dress. I love them ,and am living in them. Obsessed with this pink daisy clip too, it just makes my outfits complete. I am going to go overboard on mixing pastel pinks and baby blues this year. I live for getting dressed every day, dolling myself up, with tea, and good music accompanying me. I spend my days off making an art of it, and making cute food, and magical crafting parties on my bed. cottonz “There is a fountain of youth: It is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life, and the lives of people you love. When you Learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.”- Sophia Loren.cottons2 My mom got me this crystal ball for me last Christmas, and it was much needed. Crazy how moms know you, and have a strong psychic connection, no matter the distance. Anyways, I cherish it, and love to bring it into my craft circle, and build tiny alters to aid in my creative crafting process. Along with my stones, candles, and trinkets I treasure. Positive Vibes.cotton3  I used to make Russian Nesting Doll necklaces and sell them to boutiques, and at trunk shows. I decided to bring them back when I found an old one I made. Lavender Pastel Magical Unicorn Nesting Doll? I like. I shape them, bake them, paint them, then gloss. Three for sale at Macymarie.storenvy.comnest shoes shoes2cottons I made the mint Faerie Paradise Wedges, and soft pastel bra as well, see older posts for more or that look. So this is what I have been wearing lately. A mix of pastel mint, baby blue, pink, and cream lace. I play around in my fabulous closet until the outfits come together just right. I Love wearing lace shirts with the perfect bra showing underneath, been a thing of mine for a long time. Handmade ripped tights,garters, tons of accessories, A little bit of sparkle, and pearls is every day thing. Dressing up and creating looks, makes me truly happy.cotton2 “Artistic Temperament sometimes seems a battleground. A dark Angel of destruction, and a bright angel of creativity wrestling.” -Madeline Le’Englecotton“Anxiety is part of Creativity, the need to get something out, the need to be rid of something, or to get in touch with something within.”-David Duchovny

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Slipping out of my Pastel Faerie Wedges and Into a Lavender bath

shoes I picked up some healing gemstones, crystals, and Lavender Faerie Bath Salt at Lady of the Lake, and Controversial Bookstore. I picked up a Fuchsite stone as well, it is a pretty metallic mint color with tons of healing properties. Strength, flexibility, spine and back , self  realization and emotional attachment separation are a few of its magical benefits. I dreamed up these shoes and had to make them. I used e600 glue, tiny flowers, crystals, healing gemstones, pearls, crystals, and broken jewelry to make these beauties. I also put some glass bunnies on the laces to make them extra kawaii. I love how they turned out, and will have some up to sell in the near future. Love yourself,Be yourself, and spoil yourself. xoxosh

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Flower Faerie

fa1 I love October so much because I can dress up more extravagant then I usually get to. So the first costume I decided to make for Halloween month is a floral faerie. I wanted to make it look like I was a faerie with little faeries living within my dress. Dancing with pastel color, mermaid pearls, and moon jewels, my faerie costume came alive. I got all the flowers at the dollar store too!  I was even inspiring people there to make bouquets. So I fixed some tea, lit lavender candles, put on a fairy playlist, grabbed my gluegun, e600, scissors, and supplies, then went to town….or the forest. I love how it came out. I made four pieces, a dress, wings, ballet flats, and a huge floral crown. fa3fa4fa8fa5aaaaaafa9far My closet is currently undergoing  magic. A sneak peak of my french maid chobit costume im working on.fa7


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