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Love Like Blood

nurse1A rock ‘n’ roll nurse, goin’ into my headnurse2 October is going by way too fast and I haven’t dressed up nearly enough. So today I went with a  twisted nurse costume. I decorated the hat and leggings to my liking, and used a candy blood bag as a garter. I also made the little blood heart vile. The dress is vintage, and shoe YRU. So,Dressing up is fun and gets people in good spirit, so I go with it and inspire fun. I work at a popular record store-thrift store, with a huge costume section, so…. full time dress up! I had a blast helping people all day with their costume ideas, and Halloween dreams. I also made a Nurse playlist, because I go Hard. Seriously I live for dress up and tunes. nurse3So here it is:

  1. Pills- New York Dolls
  2. Code Blue-T.S.O.
  3. Love Like Blood-Blitzkid
  4. No Tears- Tuxedomoon
  5. Blood-My Chemical Romance
  6. Take the Pill- Emilie Autumn
  7. Cuts You Up- Peter Murphy
  8. Bloodletting-Concrete Blond
  9. Night Nurse- Gregory Issacs
  10. Nightcall-Kavinsky

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My Heart Feels Playlist


  1. Strange Kind of Love- Peter Murphy
  2. Disorder- Joy Division
  3. Youth and Lust- Cold Cave
  4. Love Love Love- Of Monsters and Men
  5. Love Will Tear Us Apart-Joy Division
  6. All That Could Of Been- Nine Inch Nails
  7. She’s Lost Control-Joy Division
  8. Hurt- Nine Inch Nails
  9. Please Bleed- Ben Harper
  10. That’s What I Get-Nine Inch Nails
  11. Ugly-Smashing Pumpkins
  12. Cut My Skin It Makes me Human- The Gits
  13. Pain In My Heart-Grateful Dead

All I seem to want to do is smoke, drink red wine, and dance alone in my dark room. Here is a good playlist to shake up your music routine. Feel free to leave me some new song suggestions as well, always looking for new music.  Music that makes you feel. Enjoy xoxo.

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Another Girl Another Planet

alienbabeg3g6ap1  I am obsessed with themed parties and when I got a ton of alien balloons at work, I had to celebrate. Alien Happy Hour Pool Party Prom. Not too much food for this party like I usually serve, it was more for playing dress up, taking photos, and partying with my alien babes. I kept the menu simple, fun, and kid like. Earth girls are easy anyways. I bought all the funnest green candy I could find, like slime, sour straws, light saber spray, and orbit gum. I filled the room with ray guns, props, glow sticks, jewels  and space glasses. Lime crime blue lipstick in No She Didn’t was present.  I served up my kiwi mimosas(in my recipe section)  in a big fishbowl to resemble a space helmet. I also made a cosmic green fruit dip and fresh fruit for dipping. I uses lots of kiwis and grapes because of the green. The dip is super easy. I mixed up some cool whip up in a bowl with some pineapple juice, and  a scoop of vanilla green color changing pudding mix, (food coloring works too with a scoop of vanilla pudding mix). I served some crunchy green pea snacks to add some saltiness to the mix.  A special shout out to my beautiful talented friend Erika Viereck. She makes clothes, accessories, designs textiles, a stylist, and makes my hair wonderful. Like me she lives every second of life glamorous  dolled up,  broke and fabulous. We call ourselves Boozy Berries, and have a shared passion on throwing extravagant parties on a budget. We both know all the best placed to go for happy hour as well as deals on wine, cheese, and dessert. We spend most of our time making each other beautiful, stylish, and most importantly laugh. Another shout out to POP ROCK Threads, and Jeannette for the amazing photographs and company. These girls are just getting started, keep an eye on them. The party was out of this world. We all bonded over Bowie s Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars Vinyl. So Good. Time for me to blast off and head back to space.  g2g5g1g7


In case you want to throw an alien party or just get weird here are some tunes…….

  1. I thought I was an alien- Soko
  2. Major Tom-Shiny Toy Guns
  3. Space Oddity- David Bowie
  4. Another Girl Another Planet-The Only Ones
  5. The Spaceship Song- Tiny Tim
  6. So this is outer space-Stephen Lynch
  7. Space Child-UFO
  8. Stellar-Incibus
  9. Pyramid of Mars-Reverend Bizzare
  10. Cosmic Shiva- Nina Hagen
  11. Twenty First Century Boy- Sigue Sigue Sputnik
  12. UFO-Nina Hagen
  13. Deep Sexy Space-Lords of Acid
  14. E.T Katy Perry( I had to)


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Riot Girrrrrrrrl Playlist

I wont settle down and become a boring asshole like you. Never, Never!

Riot Grrrrrls, Rebel girls, colored hair charged aggressive punk girls, gutter punk hotties, beer pounding metal chicks, Birds, and hot angsty girls.  This playlist is for revolution shouting, guitar shredding, headbanging, moshing, semi violent loud mouthed bad bitches.The kinda girls who are ready to throw down, and scream into a microphone. This is for girls who can throw down some liquor, and lots of beer.  Idealistic, aggressive, and strong headed chicks. No weak bitches, fakers, or posers. I miss these kind of chicks. Bad ass 90s tough girls. Think Juliet Lewis in natural born killers opening scene. L7, Girlschool, Lunachics, Lita Ford,Bikini kill,Cycle Sluts from Hell, Vice Squad, Naked Aggression, Nina Hagen, and many more. Get out of my way or I’m gonna shove!

  1. Rebel Girl-Bikini Kill
  2. Handsome & Gretel- Babes in Toyland
  3. Shove-L7
  4. Less Teeth More Tits, Lunachicks
  5. Your Nightmare my Life- Naked Agression
  6. Shitlist-L7
  7. Wish you were a Beer- Cycle sluts from hell
  8. Another Shot of Whiskey- The Gits
  9. Luxury Problem- Lunachics
  10. Gimmie Brains-Bratmobile
  11. Angry Youth- Vice Squad
  12. Not a Pretty Girl- Ani Difranco
  13. I’m Ugly and I don’t know why- Betty Blowtorch
  14. Don’t Call me babe-Shampoo
  15. Badass Bitch-Lunachicks
  16. Cat’s Meow 7 year Bitch
  17. Oh Bondage up Yours- X -Ray Spex
  18. Diet Pill-L7
  19. Binge and Purge-Lunachicks
  20. Teenage Whore- Hole
  21. Call The Doctor-Sleater-Kinney
  22. Good Fortune- PJ Harvey
  23. Fast and Frightening-L7
  24. Race with the Devil- Girlschool

Hi how are you, how high are you?

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Weed & Wine Playlist 2 (Darkside)


  1. Once In a Lifetime- Wolfsheim
  2. Cuts You Up- Peter Murphy
  3. Romeo’s Distress- Christian Death
  4. Disorder- Joy Division
  5. Master & Servant- Depeche Mode
  6. Bloodletting(The Vampire song)- Concrete Blonde
  7. Temple of Love- Sisters of Mercy
  8. Handsome Devil- The Smiths
  9. Devour- Marilyn Manson
  10. Slave- The Evolutionaries
  11. Sweet Dreams-  Marilyn Manson
  12. Gouge Away- Pixies
  13. Fade Into You- Mazzy Star
  14. Sweet-Jane- Cowboy Junkies
  15. Love will tear us Apart- Joy Division
  16. Black Celebration-  Depeche Mode
  17. Forbidden Zone-The Misfits

Some of my favorites. Dim the lights and grab some pillows, candles, weed, and wine. Dance.

baby doll GIF:

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Sea Sex & Sun Summer Playlist


  1. Sea Sex & Sun- Serge Gainsborg
  2. Double knots-The Living sisters
  3. Under the boardwalk-Rolling stones Cover
  4. Crazy For you-Best Coast
  5. Damned
  6. Boyfriend-Best Coast
  7. Lets go Surfing-The Drums
  8. Shes the One-Ramones
  9. In the Sun-Blondie
  10. Time of the Season-The Zombies
  11. Swimming Song-Kate & Anna-McGarrigle (so good)
  12. Summertime Sadness-Lana Del Rey
  13. Saddest Summer Ever-The Drums
  14. Shes Not there-Zombies
  15. Blondie-Divine
  16. I felt stupid-The Drums
  17. In the Sun-She and Him
  18. Little Bit-Lykke Li
  19. Up on the Roof-The drifters
  20. Message Understood-Sandie Shaw
  21. The Ocean-Led Zeppelin

This week has really felt like summer. This playlist is 21 of my favorite songs in the mood of lazy long sexy summer days. Sun, sex,seaside,beaches,sunsets,sodas,boardwalks, bikinis, flowy dresses,floppy hats,lace,cut offs,ice cream, hanging outside, cold beer,pizza, sunglasses, lounging in your underwear, fruit, yogurt, naps, cocktails, kisses,and friends.So this playlist is a soundtrack to that.

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Friday the 13th playlist

  1. Ghouls night out- Misfits
  2. Thrill Kill -The Damned
  3. Skulls- Misfits
  4. These Hands- The Damned
  5. Who killed the Cheerleader-The Nekromantix
  6. Scream-Misfits
  7. Love Song- The Damned
  8. Die Die My Darling- Misfits
  9. Mommy can I go out and kill tonight- Misfits
  10. He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask) – Alice Cooper
  11. Devil Man- Rob Zombie
  12. Walking With A Ghost – Tegan and Sara
  13. Psycho Killer – Talking Heads
  14. Carry On Screaming- London After Midnight
  15. Dead & Lovely – Tom Waits

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