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yaIt’s crazy how one phone call, or visit, from a good friend can just lift you up and make you feel really good in your own skin again. Even if you are feeling alright you can always feel better. I have been so caught up in trying to balance my work, crafting time, my online store, the post office, sleep, gym, grocery shopping even, that I have neglected friend time. Even worse, me time. Working on it… Talking with someone who really knows you, without the  judgement, competition, or envy, just pure love, laughter, and enthusiasm, is so healing. Fuck It is incredible, every phone call should end with…well,  leave you never wanting it to! We get so caught up with other bullshit, and blindsided by idiots, we become a tad bit lost. Well at least I do. We diagnose ourselves with depression, and fatigue, when in fact we surround ourselves with too many assholes. Life is a learning process and we learn something new each day. So Focus your energy and time on the deserving. If you have someone(or many) in your life where you can completely be yourself around, feel loved and appreciated for being exactly who you are, than you are a lucky one. Or just more intuitive. I have always followed my heart so  I have many good people in my life, and am so blessed. I also have the best man on earth going on 14 years, wouldn’t change a thing. Back to the happy friend phone call, time really flies when you are having fun. We start talking  around 1 or so until I realize I’m starving and its 10:30, and we are  talking about our lust for booze, ice cream cookie sandwiches, and why pink hair is the best color ever. The point being we need to spend more time getting lost with the ones we love, instead of in the day to day grind of life. Or even worse drama! Life is a journey, a learning experience, and you only get one,so wise up, hehe. Live it up. Don’t let Idiots(know it all-s)  distract you from your sole mates and kindred spirits, lose them, be brave, be yourself, and make your own path. Energy is everything, and if you want more happiness,then you must surround yourself with others who are equally enthusiastic about it. “What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.”
DSC06977 “Good Friends are like stars, You don’t always see them, but you know they are there.”


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Love Letters

luv Just got off work and found the most magical an heart warming package from a beautiful soul named Tiffany. Full of sparkle, my lil pony stickers, and more:) I loved the letter most of all! I cried! I have lived a really hard life, and am still struggling everyday, and it means the world to me when people reach out and let me know how much I inspire them with my strength, love, and positive energy. For me life has always been about the journey, not the destination. Shared stories, laughter, and the people you meet along the way is what it is all about. Non conformists who live day to day, and share the same lust for life and positive outlook. Free spirits who wear their hearts on their sleeves are the strong ones. Fame, success, money, popularity, it all means nothing in the end. What is important is to spread happiness and make a lasting impression on those you pass. To enjoy each day because you never know when your time will be. Tiffany has been  living with Lupus for about four years and still sparkles with good vibes and inspiration. She chooses an optimistic way of life, and makes the time to share her love with others. Thanks for finding me love. This is a perfect example of why I love IG! People want to Rag on it, but with out it I wouldn’t have been able to reach out on this level or have met all the talented and creative people I now call friends. Sending lots of love, light, and glitter your way too! Much Love

This really inspired me! It is so much fun to get a package, and even better when it is full of exciting q&a, glitter, and surprises. Pen Pals have been around forever but not everyone makes time to partake in the magic. Sending strangers, friends, and family, letters of Love, couldn’t be more rewarding. Instead of focusing on bills, struggle,drama, envy, hate, or any energy draining nonsense like that, write a letter, or send a cool themed gift box to friends. Tell somebody how they influenced you, inspired you, or made a big change in your life. It really is the little things in life, and tears of joy, and love. We are all on a journey, and gestures of kindness like this give me hope and strength. Share the Love.

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Mermaidia Treasures

mer I have wrote many blog posts confessing my eternal love for Mermaids, and promising a collection for years, but the time finally feels right. I have been writing a short story about a girl by the sea who lives in a small fishing town in Rio, who befriends the loveliest mermaid of all. It is a fictional story with drips of reality and truth. A dream state, painting a prettier picture of a crazy creative life. A lone creative girl filled with love, inspiration, and dreams.  I have been working on, and collecting the bits and pieces for ages, and now going to finally open up the treasure chest.

Summer is creeping up fast in California, although it often feels that way here. We all have our own definition of summer depending on where in the world we are living, so whatever, and whenever that will be, I will be selling one of a kind hand made treasures perfect for the occasion. Hand crafted unique pieces, and paintings, all with a fun story that ties into the collection can be yours, hehe. Something magical to wear to the beach, or to cherish and share with a best friend is my aim. A Girl By the Sea is the name. I will little by little release it on my online shop, and here on my blog. I want to tell a story, and make you feel unexpectedly nostalgic for the sea.  I want to make shopping a fun and full experience full of tales, details, and care. This is so much fun, and a exercise in creativity. Look forward to some ethereal crave-able  pieces that you will fall for. The glimmer will glamour you, As the sea does, during and sunset. The light of twilight, or a dim bar really brings this wearable art to life, watch and see.  I want you to feel special as you wear every piece, and really love it. Anyways here is a few of my treasures that are already up for sale at Don’t forget all your purchases often come with surprises! merbagshell1charm Vintage re worked handmade bags decorated with shells, pearls, and other gems, are a common occurrence in this collection. Wait until you see them. I fell in love with each bag on first sight and saw the mermaid vision in each one. I scored 6 bags of the most beautiful shells I have ever seen. Tiny notes read old dates and different beds of sea, even the Blue Lagoon. I am not kidding. They were so magical I spent a day playing with them, and coming up with stories, playing dress up, and placing them with the purse they should belong to. As the collection rolls on my character will share the life of thrifting, trading, collecting, crafting,and loving every little part along the way. Art and inspiration is everywhere, so here is a journey into mine. How cute are the golden vintage perfume bottle, and fork and spoon pins. They look so cute on faux fur jackets, hats, socks! The little gold painted shell bowls with cupid charms are to die for, and I only have a few. I love keeping rings, tiny treasures, gems, stones, and soaps in them. A mermaids house must have.fam These fluffy flamingo earrings are too fabulous. I sell them in their own jeweled and decorated cages. They are well trained, well behaved, and beautiful. They all have their own personality. ffff These Queen Flamingo earrings already sold but more are coming soon, and with two new styles that will sell out fast, so excited.

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Kindness Perception

fluff“Be Kind, For everyone you meet is fighting the hard battle.



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Water You Looking At?

fruitfruit4  I was gonna title it H2 Whoa, but maybe that is a tad too California. Adding pretty fresh fruit, and fun straws to your water makes it fun, and helps you stay away from calorie loaded drinks. I love soda, beer, and alcohol, but  I am trying really hard to lose weight, get healthy, and look younger this year. So to trick myself, I make water really exciting, visually pleasing, and full of ice. I love Ice! Mineral Water is also A godsend when you are trying to lay off the booze. At a party it is the hardest to stay away from drinking, especially when people around you judge, or pressure you to drink too. In that case have some vodka, a martini, or wine. Then have a fun water in between drinks. Now, I don’t give a damn what people think, but As an ex alcoholic it is really easy for me to say Yes to a drink. This distraction works all the time. Regardless it is pretty, healthy, and had endless combinations. Today I used Star fruit, and dragon fruit, for a happy combination. See my recipe section for more infused waters to help you slim down, or impress guests. fruit3 I got these fun straws from a party supply store in Brasil, but you can get some online, at party city, World Market, and the 99 cent only stores.fruit2

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What A Melon

melonmelon10melon7 “When one has tasted watermelon, he knows what the angels eat”.-Mark Twainmelon6 This was one of the juiciest watermelons I have ever sank my teeth into. So Lush. I almost felt guilty eating it. If you love fruit, then a trip to Brasil should be in your near future. I am on a quest to glow and radiate on my Vacation by filling my body with healing fruits. I savor each bite and visualize myself becoming a goddess. Your, mind, body, soul connection is important, plus its fun. So if you want well hydrated youthful skin, then I recommend you go out and score a big juicy pink watermelon. Eat into the rind(the Green part) it will bump up your libido. I saw it on food Network a while back. Another bonus is you will look less bloated and puffy, as it it helps your body shed excess fluid. At 92% water the sugar in it stays diluted and wont mess up your blood sugar levels, thus leaving you hydrated and youthful from the inside out. It also has a slight diuretic effect and cleans out your kidneys, it is a mini detoxification, plus us girls all need help there. Eating watermelon protects your skin from sun damage because of its high levels of  carotenoid antioxidants, beta-carotene, and lycopene. That is also why the color is a bright pinkish red.Watermelon is an ideal health food because it doesn’t contain any fat or cholesterol, is high in fiber and vitamins A & C and is a good source of potassium. So remember all that next time you eat one of these beauties.  Another fun fact : You need three things to grow watermelon: sun, bees and water. Honeybees must pollinate the yellow watermelon blossom. Even the sterile, seedless watermelon requires pollination in order to fruit.melon2

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Te Amo São Paulo

sp2sp3jpg I just arrived in Sa0 Paulo and I couldn’t be any happier. The city welcomes with open arms, cold beer, hot sun, fresh fruit, and amazing people. The inspiration is already making my brain spin. The colors alone distract me from conversation. For the durration of my stay her I will be posting many pics of my outfits, and new style. I want to shy away from my baby doll  kawaii, pastel goth look and embrace my womanly features, show of my curves. Girls if you want a nice firm and round but, come to Brasil. Between the beaches and hills you will leave with one I promise. And a little Jeito, The Brazilian way. I packed many patterns, prints, bright colors, dresses, hi waist-ed pants/skirts, and other Bali, African,Tropical, bright colored garments. I also have an 80s beach bum looks as well.  On this trip I also plan on making a collection of hand painted garments telling a story about Brasil and all the beauty it has to offer. I plan on painting many flowers, plants, birds, fruits,and buildings.I brought along with me a medium to mix with paint to make it fabric paint. We are having a heat wave currently,(sipping a cold beer) so I am going to heat set my creations right on the rooftop as I embrace the sun in a tini bikini. I will be selling this collection at the end of my trip. Details to come.  sp4 This Pic is my first inspiration for my collection. I see a dress representing the mix of the city skyscrapers, and the pop of color and beauty the flowers provide. Now to find the first dress to paint. Tchau. pack1sp1

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