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Holographic Fantasy

8I’ve been struggling harder then ever lately, so close to leaving society! Just when I felt like giving up, I received the most magical healing package from Shop Holographic Fantasy. It snapped me back into the fairy I am. My views haven’t changed but its easy to get caught up, busy, and lost. Forget that life is a beautiful journey and things need to be enjoyed, loved and appreciated. Not wasted, disposed, to die and take up space.lips I too believe! That Garments should be cherished and lived in until finding a better home. Repairing each scar by hand with love in every stitch. Sharing “energy Imprints” I’m about that. A link is attached to the blog so you can read it for yourself! Get inspired! With the intimate relationship we as human beings have with our clothes. el1This sparked my new year resolutions of self care, and care for the world around. I am just so happy for these healing treasures and beautiful handmade Sculpt Her pieces! I will post pictures soon because I will be living in them!  While I do love to shop and get myself something new every once in a while. We don’t need more money for more things. We need to love and enjoy what we have and buy second hand more. Clothing swaps with friends is always nice. I’ve spent years working at thrift stores and I see first hand the excess and waste. There is so much to re purpose. So many beautiful clothes,  furniture, craft supplies, kitchenware, workout equipment!  While I do find myself in trends to survive  which I dislike for many reasons…. conformity, waste, slave labor…all that fast fashion talk… ya know. Watch True Cost!  It is also good to learn how to do everything yourself!  Baby steps. Anyways my faery friend  Elce reminds me the importance of Self Care, Meditation, Love, creativity, and giving!Also the Importance of renewing a garment! Visit or insta: @shopholographicfantasy

5“In this day and age we as consumers frequently fail to recognize how much of our waste comes from clothing. Our mentality no longer entails grabbing a needle and repairing our garments ourselves but instead throwing them away and purchasing a new one dropping all of that perfectly useful fabric into a landfill. ” -Elce Read all about it here:

“These garments are made of naturally dyed silk chiffon and were created with no patterns each existing as a one of a kind entity. As the pieces wear the owners energy imprints onto them evolving their personality. They’re created to be long time staples and heirlooms rather than trendy garments with short lived existences.’fae.jpg This fairy of 100% pure silk chiffon that has been dyed with turmeric root, coffee and berries then hand stitched together with love. Still available! “ SculptHER was created in a delicate manor to fray and fade overtime so that the garments keepers will feel inspired to repair them and continue their pieces’ life while also becoming aware of their habits as lovers of fashion in a consumerist age of disposable trends.”64This natural glittery “Flower Power” body powder is heavenly. 3 I cant wait to soften my skin with this! The fairy bath soak is so dreamy too! This necklace is never coming of me either! Truly love every single piece! The note is exactly why! I save and collect and put so much magic into everything I do and I appreciate it back! 9This “Wind Down” Soy  Ritual Candle is my favorite! With Lavender, White Sage, and Lepidolite Stone. Designed to address the inner self in a positive light, allowing acceptance, and awareness. Made with love and faerie magic! “These healing candles have been formulated with the intention of bringing light to life in all senses of the word altering the way we experience space through smell.”10


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Daily Press

coffee I love my French Coffee Press! Love It. It makes the perfect tasting, and amount of coffee, plus it is so easy. It looks really pretty too, and perfect for picnics or camping. I really like The coffee a cocoa from Trader Joes, it is so good, and not sweetened. I also scored this adorable baby pink panda mug with a nifty suction topper that looks like a cupcake almost. Great Invention, I even use the top for my wine!! I got in in Little Tokyo in LA, but I’m sure they are online. Coffee is not only comforting, and smells amazing, but it has many health benefits, and a mild laxative, hehe. It is said to help prevent numerous cancers, dementia and Alzheimer’s too, yes please. One more cup of Coffee before I go….

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yaIt’s crazy how one phone call, or visit, from a good friend can just lift you up and make you feel really good in your own skin again. Even if you are feeling alright you can always feel better. I have been so caught up in trying to balance my work, crafting time, my online store, the post office, sleep, gym, grocery shopping even, that I have neglected friend time. Even worse, me time. Working on it… Talking with someone who really knows you, without the  judgement, competition, or envy, just pure love, laughter, and enthusiasm, is so healing. Fuck It is incredible, every phone call should end with…well,  leave you never wanting it to! We get so caught up with other bullshit, and blindsided by idiots, we become a tad bit lost. Well at least I do. We diagnose ourselves with depression, and fatigue, when in fact we surround ourselves with too many assholes. Life is a learning process and we learn something new each day. So Focus your energy and time on the deserving. If you have someone(or many) in your life where you can completely be yourself around, feel loved and appreciated for being exactly who you are, than you are a lucky one. Or just more intuitive. I have always followed my heart so  I have many good people in my life, and am so blessed. I also have the best man on earth going on 14 years, wouldn’t change a thing. Back to the happy friend phone call, time really flies when you are having fun. We start talking  around 1 or so until I realize I’m starving and its 10:30, and we are  talking about our lust for booze, ice cream cookie sandwiches, and why pink hair is the best color ever. The point being we need to spend more time getting lost with the ones we love, instead of in the day to day grind of life. Or even worse drama! Life is a journey, a learning experience, and you only get one,so wise up, hehe. Live it up. Don’t let Idiots(know it all-s)  distract you from your sole mates and kindred spirits, lose them, be brave, be yourself, and make your own path. Energy is everything, and if you want more happiness,then you must surround yourself with others who are equally enthusiastic about it. “What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.”
DSC06977 “Good Friends are like stars, You don’t always see them, but you know they are there.”

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Candy Shot

artsy4 Candy Shot to the head, feelings shot dead. Sugar Rush Straight to the brain, The mad style will leave you insane. I haven’t had much time for rest lately, Blog, or anything really. I have been in a world of creation, a transition from the day job to the dream one. I have been working on branding my business, creating fabulous fun stuff for you to buy, and, painting any chance I get. All this is a exercise in creativity mixed with a lifetime love affair with  fashion and self expression through style, to pay for the big dream.  To paint any time I want, to have the life as an artist, to travel.  I work hard to make the little I have, and I crave, endless hours to create, paint, and express my years of ideas.  I need to spend more time in nature with my feet in the dirt and connecting my mind, body, and soul, so I may continue to spread love and inspiration to others.  I need to be in the Ocean every chance this summer to feel like myself again. I also Styled a really cute Look book Video in LA,  for New York designer  Hello Eliza, with a friend/film maker/photographer Jeannette, and We Are Mortals Owner Anji. That adorable clear hot pink plastic choker that reads Soy SAUCY! That is one of her pieces I just adore.  Anyways… that is what I have been up to. That and I was the face painter at a Kids 80s party, drank my ass off with my Brasilians for the Opening of the World Cup, watched tons of Films like always, and worked at the good old Record-Thrift Shop. I am having fun working hard, but I am planning on resting, and Detoxing more starting now. Putting more health recipes up and getting my body ready for summer. I plant to put a lot of focus into anti aging masks, recipes, and tips. Fill your summer with color and follow my summer obsessions. Insta is macy_daisy :}artsy3 artsy2 Look at all the cute accessories I have been sending out all over the World!!!! Love You all for your support, each one of you play special part in my life, in aiding my creativity, and financial hardship slaying. Thank you for making me feel good about myself, and inspiring me  to do more. Love, and support make the world go round. Share. colar I am really into making big bright Fluffies, and clear plastic collars for summer! My baby blue, Slime green combo is the best! It is all about going big, bright, and colorful this summer. I am still obsessing in the childlike 90s dreams of youth as you can clearly see. I found these adorable erasers and had to fill them in clear Vinyl!! I love the little rainbows, daisies, and mushrooms. colar2 I also was called a Muse and drawn into a young beautiful talented artist “ART BOOK”. I was so honored because I love to draw other women who inspire me as well. She really has a unique style with a 60s spirit, she captured my essence. It looks how I feel, I love it. So glamorous.artsy1

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Love Letters

luv Just got off work and found the most magical an heart warming package from a beautiful soul named Tiffany. Full of sparkle, my lil pony stickers, and more:) I loved the letter most of all! I cried! I have lived a really hard life, and am still struggling everyday, and it means the world to me when people reach out and let me know how much I inspire them with my strength, love, and positive energy. For me life has always been about the journey, not the destination. Shared stories, laughter, and the people you meet along the way is what it is all about. Non conformists who live day to day, and share the same lust for life and positive outlook. Free spirits who wear their hearts on their sleeves are the strong ones. Fame, success, money, popularity, it all means nothing in the end. What is important is to spread happiness and make a lasting impression on those you pass. To enjoy each day because you never know when your time will be. Tiffany has been  living with Lupus for about four years and still sparkles with good vibes and inspiration. She chooses an optimistic way of life, and makes the time to share her love with others. Thanks for finding me love. This is a perfect example of why I love IG! People want to Rag on it, but with out it I wouldn’t have been able to reach out on this level or have met all the talented and creative people I now call friends. Sending lots of love, light, and glitter your way too! Much Love

This really inspired me! It is so much fun to get a package, and even better when it is full of exciting q&a, glitter, and surprises. Pen Pals have been around forever but not everyone makes time to partake in the magic. Sending strangers, friends, and family, letters of Love, couldn’t be more rewarding. Instead of focusing on bills, struggle,drama, envy, hate, or any energy draining nonsense like that, write a letter, or send a cool themed gift box to friends. Tell somebody how they influenced you, inspired you, or made a big change in your life. It really is the little things in life, and tears of joy, and love. We are all on a journey, and gestures of kindness like this give me hope and strength. Share the Love.

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Sexy Backyard Brunch

brunchbrunch2brunch3 I love Brunch more than the word itself! Nothing better then afternoon drinking, and eating breakfast food! In the process of making a one of a kind brunch book to sell after summer as well. Also search my recipe section, and or food section for sexy recipes.  This is a special brunch because it is my 13 year anniversary of dating my boyfriend, my sun and stars. So I set out a blanket, decorated a bit, and set out yummy food, and fresh mimosas. Well Strawberry Watermelon Mojito Mimosas. brunch4 I also set out our favorite, a bagel bar, with the works: Whipped cream cheese, lox,capers,dill, cucumber, pepper crusted bacon, avocado, and tomatoes. Then some Salami, cheeses, a quince paste, and a few crackers. Also a yummy minted watermelon heart fruit salad, and fresh berries(see recipes).brunch1brunch7brunch9 You just keep a bucket of ice going with liquor, beers, fresh juice, and champagne. You make the first cocktail all special and perfect like, with freshly muddled mint, and brown sugar, then top off your drink as you go. It is so fun to share a bottle of champagne as the bubbles flow over your glass, lips, and hands. brunch8 Thirteen years ago this Beautiful Brasilian, surfer, and guitarist, changed my world. It was love at first sight even though we took it slow. I was his art tutor, hehe. He saved up to take me to Disneyland, and boy did he spoil me. As I curled next to him in bed, and spent the night with him for the first time, He asked me sweetly,” When we go to Disneyland for the weekend, can we go as a couple.” I was like yes, and I love you. He said I love you for the first time to me as we entered Disney Gates, he whispered it in my ear in Portuguese. I melted. Eu Te Amo. Needless to say, here we are 13 years went by faster than a blink of an eye. We have had our struggles, pains, fights, ups & downs, but always remained hot for each other, and I hope this fire never goes out. Electricity still comes through our hands as we hold them, and his warm arms make me feel forever safe.  Love conquers all, and I am so blessed for this one. Two beautiful free spirit messes of Virgos, broke, fabulous, and talented. Two Peas in a Pod, with a Lust For Life, who refuse to grow up:)brunch5 Cheers, to love, life, and the pursuit of Happiness.

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hk1 Micheal’s Craft Supply Stores carry these cute little Hello Kitty Lunch Notes right now! MEOW! So cute, so tiny, and a good amount come inside. I bought a few because they were only $2. 99hk I use them to put with gifts, send with purchases, with flowers, or slip inside my baby’s lunch! I also couldn’t resist this clear plastic little pouch filled with the cutest sparkly, and puffy stickers! So many for the same price:) meow Literally Littered with my favorite things: Glitter,sodas,ice cream,shakes,cotton candy,strawberries,Hello Kitty, cherries,hearts, donuts, and stars.


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