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badss I love this movie so much,my mom showed it to me when I was little, and used to joke I was the Bad Seed. I am no evil child, but I love them as characters! Rhoda is cute, devious, smart, and  doesn’t have much of a conscience, which makes her quite the little sociopath. Rhoda was so pissed that she didn’t receive a medal that she felt she deserved, that she ended up killing her competition. Accused of drowning her classmate,she goes mad and denies, lies, and kills more. Her Mom has no clue what to do with her monster, and wonders if it is nature, or nurture that spoiled this egg. Is evil hereditary? Or are people made that way? badbadddd Why Can’t You wash of blood? baddd badseeddbbbbaabadseed5 So I up cycled this vintage peignoir and decorated it in Bad Seed Style. I dyed it baby pink, painted and sewed on the patch, made mini ribbon roses and bows, then crystal-ed on a seed. I love thow it came out! I then styled a Rhoda look and went to go shoot it by the lake, and play the role! I didn’t drown anybody but I was a crazy little brat.lig  What will you give me for a basket of kisses?badseed2  Give Me back My SHOES!badseed4 You tell lies like that, you won’t go to Heaven when you die!badseedI don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t feel ANY way at all.badseed3


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Ooh La Lavender

pffLavender is one of my favorite shades, I get the perfect color on my hair by Using Manic panic Ultra Violet, conditioner, and some N Rage Bubblegum pink. It always fades perfectly and leaves hair with a silver platinum tint. Lavender fluffs up at am also selling my handmade painted tea Infusers as well! Lumpy Space Princess, and fairies. lsp2 I really like this tea!lsp Lump Off!news How cute are these sailor school girl outfits! Had to get one in each of my favorite hair colors! Super cheap on EBAY! Buttons I collected over the years.ews2lavv Like I said I love this color…So I made myself some cute and punky arm candy. purp3 Party Fluffs up too! Oh My Glob.purp4 Daisy earrings by Marina Fini.lavvv Treat Yourself right! Tea, candles, Violet faerie bath, purple pearl lip mask, face mask,and hair touch up! Life is too short to not make everything you do special.lalal

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Rosy cheeks and Golden Mermaid Kisses

godess11godess13 I am really into pale shades of pink, peach ,beige, cream, champagne, and rose, Always gold, I love how it compliments these colors and looks vintage, and elegant. As always I love throwing pearls in, maybe because I am a mermaid. Cozy soft sweaters, crystals, long gold necklaces, socks,fuzzy jackets, sea shells, and pale washed out Denim is what I am crushing on. I am making a collection of mermaid treasures for all you sea sirens or fashion loving creatures of earth. I collect vintage brooches and  jewelry, broken jewelry,shells, crystals, pearls, and other things to find its home on one of my unique pieces. The idea is to look like sparkly barnacles forming and clustering to perfection, as if a mermaid was blowing magical kisses. I will be selling these treasures, faerie dust, gold dipped sea shell bowls, goddess like heels,sunnies, vintage, and other things I create at . I only make something once or small collections only. I believe in quality, art, and love over making a buck. godess1godess2 godess12 Pale Pearl Nymph Handbag $120. Hand sewn, and glued. Aphrodite Golden Sea Goddess pumps $120. Vintage French Sunnies with added gold shell detail $38, made in Paris, re worked in Cali. Vintage Ram Gold Perfume bottle necklace $38.godess7sungodess5godess15godess10shoess2shoess

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Slipping out of my Pastel Faerie Wedges and Into a Lavender bath

shoes I picked up some healing gemstones, crystals, and Lavender Faerie Bath Salt at Lady of the Lake, and Controversial Bookstore. I picked up a Fuchsite stone as well, it is a pretty metallic mint color with tons of healing properties. Strength, flexibility, spine and back , self  realization and emotional attachment separation are a few of its magical benefits. I dreamed up these shoes and had to make them. I used e600 glue, tiny flowers, crystals, healing gemstones, pearls, crystals, and broken jewelry to make these beauties. I also put some glass bunnies on the laces to make them extra kawaii. I love how they turned out, and will have some up to sell in the near future. Love yourself,Be yourself, and spoil yourself. xoxosh

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Blushing Watermelon Hearts

blush I made myself some coffee, a pretty little lunch, and sat in the garden under a patch of sunshine. I popped in a few mini quiches in the oven, sliced a radish, rinsed some berries and sliced some juicy watermelon. I picked up one of those As Seen On TV Fruit Popper sets for five bucks at Big lots, and I love it so much! It makes flowers, suns, butterflies, circles, stars, and HEARTS! So I got creative and made some minted watermelon hearts, and butterflies. Just add diced mint, and a drizzle of honey, the fruits juices will soak up the mint flavor. Skip honey if watching your sugar intake. Arranging the plate is the best part, its like creating art every time.  I love to add leafy greens, mint, and berries for the beauty, and health benefits. As Always, have pretty music playing, a kettle boiling, an elegant or cozy outfit on, and loads of patience and love. So excited for my next fruit creation. Enjoy, xoxo.


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Pastel Pillow Kisses

pinky1ddddddd pinky2 I made these, retro classic beauty, pink pearled sparkly, cat eye sunnies for my best friend, She looks perfect in these, plus they scream AppleBruise. I cant wait to send them to her in a box filled of all things pink and glamorous. Anyways…. they go perfect with the little bra and cocktail hat set I made. A Macy Mota memory, a little sparky token of love for ganja. Speaking of memories, I haven’t stopped blowing obnoxiously big bubbles since I laid my eyes on Wanda Woodwards style and attitude in Crybaby. Oh and Lolita, and the 90s. I love to be a girl and I am never shy a lollipop or bubble gum. Pearls, fabrics, ribbons, crystals, broken jewelry, positive energy,and a vision is all it takes to make your own bedroom creation. Or anything your heart desires. I will soon be selling all these magical creations I make. Stay Tuned. Pink kissed sparkly seafoam meets off white lace. I am inspired by heavenly pastel scenes like this one below. life5ddd fun

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Heavy Meowtal Vest

hkhkvest I am going to selling loads of cool stuff, handmade, hand painted, and reworked vintage. I am working on an online store, and trunk shows. I just listed my first piece on ebay! I might try Etsey, or Store Envy until I have my own site. hkvest1hkvest3hkvest2 This is my first piece in my wearable art collection. #It is titled The Metal Lolita. Fit for a baby doll rock n roller. Tickled pink with lace. Hello kitty in the style of Motorhead, Maiden, Slayer, and Venom. I made all the little patches out of faux leather and hand sewed them on like in the punk days. One Iron Maiden song at a time. The music goes into the paint so loud Motorhead was a must. I skipped the dental floss, you street kids know whats up. I use acrylic paint. The lyrics are for Jailbait by Motorhead.  It holds my love for Metal, Hello Kitty, and my lost childhood. I love Lemmy too. I hand studded it as well using the real deal, not those plastic studs. I added a silver pentagram, a drunk Lindsay beer button, a resin maiden powerslave pin, and spelled kitty in studs. This is a special piece to me and I hope this kitty goes to a good home. I just listed it on ebay: The pink Free Winona shirt with daisy trim is up for grabs too, and the got milk tee. hkvest6hkvst4hkvest5hkvest7

I will be hand making, sewing, re working, hand painting, decorating, studding and adding magic and energy into each piece. I cant wait to share the rest with you all. If only there were more hours in every day.

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