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Green Goddess

green2 I try to drink a green juice or smoothie every day!It gets expensive buying out so I make them in my juicer from home. So good for your health, complexion, energy level, and a youthful vibe! I try to get as many  leafy greens, herbs, fruits, and veggies into my body as humanly possible! So just put all these yummy organic ingredients through a juicer and enjoy! Serves 2.greens Spinach, Kale, Romaine, Mint, Ginger, Cucumber, Lemon, Orange, Pear, Apple, and pineapple.green1 Serve up in a pretty glass with some decrotive paper straws and a garnish or not! XXXO


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Holographic Fantasy

8I’ve been struggling harder then ever lately, so close to leaving society! Just when I felt like giving up, I received the most magical healing package from Shop Holographic Fantasy. It snapped me back into the fairy I am. My views haven’t changed but its easy to get caught up, busy, and lost. Forget that life is a beautiful journey and things need to be enjoyed, loved and appreciated. Not wasted, disposed, to die and take up space.lips I too believe! That Garments should be cherished and lived in until finding a better home. Repairing each scar by hand with love in every stitch. Sharing “energy Imprints” I’m about that. A link is attached to the blog so you can read it for yourself! Get inspired! With the intimate relationship we as human beings have with our clothes. el1This sparked my new year resolutions of self care, and care for the world around. I am just so happy for these healing treasures and beautiful handmade Sculpt Her pieces! I will post pictures soon because I will be living in them!  While I do love to shop and get myself something new every once in a while. We don’t need more money for more things. We need to love and enjoy what we have and buy second hand more. Clothing swaps with friends is always nice. I’ve spent years working at thrift stores and I see first hand the excess and waste. There is so much to re purpose. So many beautiful clothes,  furniture, craft supplies, kitchenware, workout equipment!  While I do find myself in trends to survive  which I dislike for many reasons…. conformity, waste, slave labor…all that fast fashion talk… ya know. Watch True Cost!  It is also good to learn how to do everything yourself!  Baby steps. Anyways my faery friend  Elce reminds me the importance of Self Care, Meditation, Love, creativity, and giving!Also the Importance of renewing a garment! Visit or insta: @shopholographicfantasy

5“In this day and age we as consumers frequently fail to recognize how much of our waste comes from clothing. Our mentality no longer entails grabbing a needle and repairing our garments ourselves but instead throwing them away and purchasing a new one dropping all of that perfectly useful fabric into a landfill. ” -Elce Read all about it here:

“These garments are made of naturally dyed silk chiffon and were created with no patterns each existing as a one of a kind entity. As the pieces wear the owners energy imprints onto them evolving their personality. They’re created to be long time staples and heirlooms rather than trendy garments with short lived existences.’fae.jpg This fairy of 100% pure silk chiffon that has been dyed with turmeric root, coffee and berries then hand stitched together with love. Still available! “ SculptHER was created in a delicate manor to fray and fade overtime so that the garments keepers will feel inspired to repair them and continue their pieces’ life while also becoming aware of their habits as lovers of fashion in a consumerist age of disposable trends.”64This natural glittery “Flower Power” body powder is heavenly. 3 I cant wait to soften my skin with this! The fairy bath soak is so dreamy too! This necklace is never coming of me either! Truly love every single piece! The note is exactly why! I save and collect and put so much magic into everything I do and I appreciate it back! 9This “Wind Down” Soy  Ritual Candle is my favorite! With Lavender, White Sage, and Lepidolite Stone. Designed to address the inner self in a positive light, allowing acceptance, and awareness. Made with love and faerie magic! “These healing candles have been formulated with the intention of bringing light to life in all senses of the word altering the way we experience space through smell.”10

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Inked Barbie Diary

lipsonly I am obsessed with glitter, and wearing it on my lips! So I was super excited to get a package full of makeup in the mail from Candy Rock Couture, introducing their new Line! Inked Barbie Cosmetics! Vegan and cruelty free! Coming Soon! I spent three days getting dolled up and trying out new looks with it all, and I am in love. So here is what I came up with. me Pretty tied up in the GlamDoll Glitter in Bi-Polar Barbie. I love the name as much as the product, and it is super glittery, and fine. I am wearing it over matte purple lipstick, Pansy by Lime Crime to be exact. As always I love colorplay, so first I went right into shades of purple and pink.  The Pearly White Cream eyeshadow in Holy Ghost is awesome. I use it as a highlighter under my brows, above my lip, inside corners of my eyes, cheeks, or wherever else I feel like making shimmer.DSC03405 The Lavender Snow, Dollust Dust, is so pastel and pretty. Perfect eye shadow for a soft nymph look, or ethereal snow princess. I always add a few drops of water or eye drops over the shadow and blend in circles gently with my fingertip for more shine and a long lasting hold. Then dust more on top. Here is my look!lips2 lips I applied powder, a cosplay wig sharp cat eyes, and tiny lavender hearts with lash glue. Then put on the most perfect doll lashes! Dreamdoll Lashes in Barbi-licious. I love them so much, and you get two pairs.  fdDSC03442DSC03441  So here are some of the fabulous materials I used to get my looks. m I am so grateful to receive and play with all this rad makeup. The packaging, and shimmery shades brought me back some happy memories. I have always been passionate about makeup, and really good at it. But, I couldn’t afford it as a kid and went crazy at all my rich girlfriends houses! They always had the best vanities. I was honored to be able to touch the makeup boxes and try on all the glittery stuff, lol. I would head to the mall with friends and go straight to the makeup counters right for Stilla, Mac, Nars,Tony and Tina (for glitter) Urban Decay,Hard Candy and more. I would try it all on, dream, learn, and cry it all off, cause I was a broke kid. But thank god for Drag queens,they taught me everything I needed to know and got me hooked on Ruby Woo Red Matte Lips. 4 Look, Even the Eyeshadow is  smiling! This is by far my favorite. Dollust Dust In Birthday Cake. The product lives up to the name, and shimmers so vibrantly. 3 I love clip in hair pieces as well! I cried when I saw this pastel rainbow one in my package. You can get this mixed color one now at   The Inked Up Barbie Packaging is so fun too! DSC03462DSC03458 This is the Glamdoll Glitter in Teal Iced Dreams applied over reen Lip Gloss.DSC03479 I wanted a dramatic eye so I used face paint for my brows, Holy Ghost Cream shadow for highlights and to lighten up my brow. I also used pink facepaint for the hearts on my cheek and used the Birthday Cake Dollust Dust over it, and my lids. I used some of the Glamdoll Glitter in Bi-Polar Barbie too. DSC03476 I don’t care what people say I love makeup! We don’t wear it because we are insecure or don’t like how we look without it, in fact we look better! We wear it as an extension to our looks, outfits, and for artistic self expression. Of course to enhance our natural beauty, and cover our flaws, but not for idiots. DSC03388 Look out for  Inked Barbie Cosmetics, this fabulous cruelty line of products is coming soon. In the mean time check out

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Cocoa Anti Aging Mask

coco It is national Chocolate day so I decided to indulge in it! So lets celebrate the healthy way, with a dark cocoa anti aging mask. It is so easy and smells so good! It almost  takes the craving for chocolate away, Almost. I still made myself a hottie chocolate just in case.(see recipes) It is National chocolate day after all. choco2 Just combine 1 scoop, TBS or so, of dark cocoa powder, and a slightly larger scoop of Greek yogurt. It will make a thick paste, and if it is too hard to stir, add a tad more yogurt. Stir well and apply chocolate mask with your finger tips to your skin. Leave for about 15 minutes, relax, and rinse with warm water.choco It made my skin feel supple, soft, and smelled so good it was a treat. I will try it a few more times to see how I like it. I came across a magazine article, well a beauty tip, about how Dominican beauties keep wrinkle free with cocoa. They believe it protects, and moisturizes the skin, and learned that ancient Aztecs used it as part of their beauty regimen. Cocoa is loaded with Flavonols,protective compounds that tame inflammation and neutralize free radicals, that cause aging. So make a dark hot cocoa,and sip it in the bath, while you wear this luxurious velvety mask. It is designed to gain more moisture for your skin. Happy National Chocolate day!

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Pink Tart

12 Summer sunsets in the garden with an organic smoothie, candles, and a book. I love taking a little time everyday to spoil myself, relax, play dress up, and day dream. 3This smoothie is my new obsession and so addicting! I stumbled upon it on a menu at a random restaurant, and had to make it! I am obsessed with grapefruit, strawberries, pineapple, and bananas. Then all blended together with a big hand full of Ice makes for a sexy citrus pink drink. It really is perfection, I love the combination of flavors, and the slimming, and skin benefits. Plus fruit really makes your skin glow. When it is really hot it is hard to eat sometimes, so this is an easy, healthy,filling, and refreshing treat. So Good. 4 I love candles! I can not live without them. I love being by fire in general, especially outside when the sun is going down. Warmth, comfort, and light, whats not to be absolutely mesmerized by. 5 6 Enjoy your life, and make every little thing you do special, because you only have this one. Take care of it. So If you want to take a further step towards sexy, and radiance, make one of these. Unless you don’t care for grapefruit, you will hate this. My mom taught me to love it, but it wasn’t too hard. Just blend fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, a hand full of each trimmed strawberries, frozen fresh pineapple, ice, a banana, and splash of water. So yummy, and worth every sip.

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Water You Looking At?

fruitfruit4  I was gonna title it H2 Whoa, but maybe that is a tad too California. Adding pretty fresh fruit, and fun straws to your water makes it fun, and helps you stay away from calorie loaded drinks. I love soda, beer, and alcohol, but  I am trying really hard to lose weight, get healthy, and look younger this year. So to trick myself, I make water really exciting, visually pleasing, and full of ice. I love Ice! Mineral Water is also A godsend when you are trying to lay off the booze. At a party it is the hardest to stay away from drinking, especially when people around you judge, or pressure you to drink too. In that case have some vodka, a martini, or wine. Then have a fun water in between drinks. Now, I don’t give a damn what people think, but As an ex alcoholic it is really easy for me to say Yes to a drink. This distraction works all the time. Regardless it is pretty, healthy, and had endless combinations. Today I used Star fruit, and dragon fruit, for a happy combination. See my recipe section for more infused waters to help you slim down, or impress guests. fruit3 I got these fun straws from a party supply store in Brasil, but you can get some online, at party city, World Market, and the 99 cent only stores.fruit2

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What A Melon

melonmelon10melon7 “When one has tasted watermelon, he knows what the angels eat”.-Mark Twainmelon6 This was one of the juiciest watermelons I have ever sank my teeth into. So Lush. I almost felt guilty eating it. If you love fruit, then a trip to Brasil should be in your near future. I am on a quest to glow and radiate on my Vacation by filling my body with healing fruits. I savor each bite and visualize myself becoming a goddess. Your, mind, body, soul connection is important, plus its fun. So if you want well hydrated youthful skin, then I recommend you go out and score a big juicy pink watermelon. Eat into the rind(the Green part) it will bump up your libido. I saw it on food Network a while back. Another bonus is you will look less bloated and puffy, as it it helps your body shed excess fluid. At 92% water the sugar in it stays diluted and wont mess up your blood sugar levels, thus leaving you hydrated and youthful from the inside out. It also has a slight diuretic effect and cleans out your kidneys, it is a mini detoxification, plus us girls all need help there. Eating watermelon protects your skin from sun damage because of its high levels of  carotenoid antioxidants, beta-carotene, and lycopene. That is also why the color is a bright pinkish red.Watermelon is an ideal health food because it doesn’t contain any fat or cholesterol, is high in fiber and vitamins A & C and is a good source of potassium. So remember all that next time you eat one of these beauties.  Another fun fact : You need three things to grow watermelon: sun, bees and water. Honeybees must pollinate the yellow watermelon blossom. Even the sterile, seedless watermelon requires pollination in order to fruit.melon2

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