Down To Mars Girl

ANGELS2spaceThen at a deadly pace
They Came From Outer Space…alien5 Horrible Creatures From Mars sent to destroy EVERYTHING in their path! Oh The Humanity! Run For Your Life while you still can!wanted.jpg“Armed Deadly & Dangerous, with strict orders to obliterate the whole the human race. Last Seen wearing the new collection from Laurel & Hector. Stolen Most Likely. Wanted Dead!” Rumors on social media They were last seen playing a show at the Rainbow Room on Sunset, Under the name Daisies Angels. Before grabbing beer and bailing! They Go by  Bones, Space Trash & Chicken Nugget. In Recent News Their Leader Daisy may be posing as a stylist/ artist/ band manager and friend to the Alien fugitives, and has been living on earth for a while now as a spy.doll Here she is spotted in The Finger Dress by Laurel & Hector Au. The New Collection. Down To Mars Girl. How appropriate. Also wearing a choker by Marina Fini, and a Mondo Trasho Button from . Makeup By Inked Barbie Cosmetics. Pink Pleaser Boot from Glitter Death Hollywood. finger
We are the angel mutants. The streets for us seduction. Our cause injust and ancient
In this “BE” film born invasion.macy1We take your weak resistance. Throw it in your face. We need no introduction
For mass annihilation!

alien1alienn.jpgalien2alien3 Kissing The Human Race Goodbye In The Finger Dress And Skirt Set!devin3.jpg Meet Bones. They call her that because she collects all her victims and wears them. devin2.jpg Get The Fofo Earrings & Rick & Morty Pins at .devin1.jpg She Found this during shooting this lol. Fabulous. aliekat1.jpg They Call Her Space Trash. Deadliest of them all. Heartless and a little mad. Don’t Be Fooled by Her Too Cute To Kill Look.kat2 She is wearing The Kick It Skirt & Top by Laurel & Hector. Down To Mars Girl!kat4.jpgkat8kat6.jpg My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down. j7.jpg Chicken Nugget. Deadly As The Name. Fast Food Junkie & Natural Born Killer. j6 Wearing The In & Out Dressj3.jpgj2.jpg Backpack From The Cobra Shop. SHOP.THECOBRASNAKE.COM Stacks @littleblackdiamond band12.jpg Are You In A Band?bbband Prime directive, exterminate…The whole human race kat14.jpg“And your face drops in a pile of flesh. And then your heart, heart pounds Till it pumps in death.Prime directive, exterminate….Whatever stands left” Misfits Lyrics Astro Zombiesbaes




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