Boo BitchCraft

sp1 She’s in love with herself, she likes the dark.An’ on her milk white neck, the Devil’s mark. bllNow it’s all Hallows Eve, the moon is full.Oh, will she trick or treat, I bet she will…..
sp4  I myself am strange and Unusual. Dying for the Spooky Babe Collection by Nikki Lipstick. Today I am wearing I Give Myself The Creeps Top and kawaii Spooky Babe Choker made by the cutest one Iv’e met in a while. Oh and the her stitches choker and Bat Pasties, so Iconic. Speaking of Iconic Marina Fini made the bat and ghost earrings. I rotate wearing them. Love. Love.Love.sp2She’s got a date at midnight with Nosferatu. Oh baby, Lilly Munster ain’t got nothin’ on you. Well when I called her evil, she just laughed. Well cast that spell on me, boo bitch craft
sp3 Dark Dolled Up.  How cute are the spooky tattoos from Daiso? Dollar store black talons to decorate and hang crosses from, lashes. Feather Fetish, I like the sound of that.halloweinie Lovin’ you was like lovin’ the dead.f


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