Kitty Baby Attacked By Ratz

flow  I love Hello Kitty and I also love Punk! I really like making spins on Hello Kitty as the theme so naturally this vest was born. Another addition to my Wearable Art Collection. I hand painted each patch if Hello Kitty was a punk… in the style of each band. Dead Kennedys and SubHumAns popped in my head first, since I grew up looking at those symbol and listening to those bands! DK was and is life! I put bands I listen to, because I make art, its personal not poser,lol.  I dyed the white vest pink and studded it, before sewing on a white faux fur collar and studding it. Then I made the Hello Titty Pin, and more! mowwMickey Mouse Is Dead He got kicked in the head.l8rmeowz2I painted the fishbone print on too. All the patches are sewn with dental floss. Then Lots more hand studding,and some pink lace. I painted The Ferals to be like The Misfits. Lots and lots of Hello Titty! Then I painted the leopard spots on and added buttons fit for a hello kitty punk. I also made the pin on the back bottom too, and a bunch on the front. I lined it with an Old Misfits Tee. Die Die My Darling. Having a shirt liner makes it so much cooler, or so my little brother says.meowz Cat Flag is not my Idea but it is genius and one of my favorite bands. PIL NIP duh! Sex Kitten spin of Sex Pistols, and the The Toy Cats! I love the Toy Dolls and still listen to them every day. Charged CAT is GBH. The name Kitty Baby Attacked by Ratz instead of City. I really liked them when I was a kid and saw them a few times. Anyways… so many other bands I wanted to infuse in this baby kitty punk vest, but it is puuuurfect as is and still for sale on my shop! Only One Babes…mooowmow2 I’m tired of self respect.I can’t afford a car. I wanna be a prefab superstar.I wanna be a tool.Don’t need no soul.Wanna make big money Playing rock and roll….vest1 Here it is styled how I would wear it growing up, with a big bondage belt, probably all black tho because we were too cool for color. Stitches Choker by Nikki Lipstick, Pentegram earrings by Marina Fini. Lipstick Black Velvet Lime Crime. Hair Manic Panic Rockabilly Blue. vest2 So I listed this vest on my site and am growing fond of it I almost cant sell it. rosedollp


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