Halloween Angel Entry

pumpkins I am obsessed with pretty perfume bottles, especially the vintage ones where you squeeze! Or With Fluff! So I thought It being around Halloween I might make some pumpkins into my dream vanity! I painted them perfect pastel colors ,then hit the stems with agold pen. I cut off the stem on the other and glued a plastic crystal to the top with E600. I used an iridescent purple paint to add shimmer on all. Then decorated them with crystals,prisms, roses and other pretty things. This was my Inspo too!pin2 Yes Master! If I was Jeanie! This would be my home! I feel like this bottle is my self portrait lol, I love it! Obsessed. Fatal Attraction to cuteness!life2I just picked up all this adorable pink stuff at Daiso. I wanted my Halloween Aesthetic pink and pastel this year! Also addicted to making hot chocolates since the weather is cooling down in Cali! I melt dark Mayan spicy chocolate squares in a pan with coconut or almond milk, organic vanilla, Raw Sugar, and cocoa powder. Whipped Cream and Marshmallows in moderation!pinI try not to consume too much sugar but this lemonade is to die for! Elderflower & Rose Yes Please Forever. pTaking pretty pink baths with Rose Petals In Moderation is heavenly. Nice and relaxed to make new stuff for my shop, Like these cute pink crushed velvet chokers! Macymarie.storenvy.com Mermaid Rings and other one of a kind treasures made by me.pink3 pinkychoker Piggy Pink Velvet Bell Collar and Tombstone pin at macymarie.storenvy.com Kawaii Till I Die!oink Lipstick Cement By lime Crime, Oversize Pink safety Pin earrings by Betty Bones!ske Creepy and Cute Vibes Forever! I live in my Nikki Lipstick My Little Pony Sweatshirt and Heart Eyes Platforms! Shell Phone by Valfre. Necklace,purse, leggings, tights, mini skirt, and pins all made by me, except the ghost pog from Glitter Death Hollywood. Pink Poodle Hat by Petals And Peacocks. I added the pink fluff.xoxoppppppppyo More Kawaii Handmade Brooches : macymarie.storenvy.comp7angel3In my Bag! Waiting on my Ice Cream Crepe from Angel & Hearts. Love this place! Sparkly Pink Pumpkin Shades from the dollar store! Clips from Daiso.angel5angel4angel2soot2 Trick Or Treat..Smell My Feet!


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