Excuse Me. Mistress

baby2 Here I am having countless tea parties with one of my best friends, and I fail to notice she has the cutest stuff right under my nose! Seriously I love each piece! She is a little to quiet about it, because I would have flipped sooner had I known. When you are working hard on your own art, sometimes you miss out on others. I promote for so many cute brands, my friends, my own, but often forget about the closest ones! It bothers me is that I make so much stuff for strangers, and customers, and my mom, tia, grandma, boyfriend, whatever….. are walking around without the baddest custom threads on. No Way! I have always been bad at prioritizing but it is never too late! Ya Know, When you get busy you just dive in, and try to make it all work. So I am dedicating this post to the fabulous creations of My girl Lissette, and her line Madame X. Named after the famous painting. I chose the pieces that really fit into my style, but check out her storenvy to fall in love with one of her pretty creations. Buying from small business and from artists who create things with their own two hands, is so much more beneficial to the world then mass produced clones. So if you want magical vibes, I promise you Madame X will deliver.

Madame X – An Apparel Affair

baby3 What I love about her pieces is they are simple enough to wear with almost anything, but fun, and far from basic. The sizes and lenghts are al perfect too, they fall just right! How Darling is this Handmade baby blue, Pastel Pearl, Macaroon necklace! It is nice and long and I love the colors! My other obsession is this Pink Magic Star Necklace! It looks even better on and really sparkles, but its also so simple and girly. I bought the earrings too! Available at: http://www.storenvy.com/stores/173886-madame-x-an-apparel-affairbaby1I styled the shoot, like always, with lots of accessories, and do my own makeup! I mixed her collection with mine for some pastel puuuurfection. The mint powder puff ping, and beauty brooches are up on my shop. Macymarie.storenvy.com. I also made the adorable cotton candy rainbow shawl. I have this vintage marabou one that I treasure, so I made a pattern from it to create this one. When I get a hang of the cost and work to make them, I plan to sell a few limited edition ones on my shop.baby6 The top, if you can call it one, LOL, is vintage as well. Go to thrift stores! They are filled with treasures like this! This color combo of pastels is my favorite, pink, mint, and baby blues forever! I tend to lean towards gold too, guess I’m just gaudy like that. But Look how pretty!past3 Been Dolling around in this look for days. The Brocade Pastel with Gold on the sleep mask is so pretty together! The matching Antoinette Choker is also to die for. Only a few left so check it out. I wear the star necklace with everything! Perfect layering necklace, and so light! Tickle Me Pink. The beauty brooches are coming soon! Not only am I obsessed with layering pins on jackets, but I am also with beauty shop nostalgia! I have been obsessed with lipstick, nail polishes, perfume bottles, brush mirror sets, powder puffs, eyeliner, mascara, and other things of that nature…since I was a kid. The sight of vintage beauty ads, old movies, and images of Vanity’s just give me the chills! The whole ritual of dolling up, curls, makeup, dancing in your lingerie, its what makes us girls! No I really love it, my favorite part of the day or night, never gets old. So I had to make these babes. I made some fun summer ones too. Baked, hand painted, and decorated by me! beauty past I also scored this adorable 6o’s pastel baby doll dress, I wear it out I don’t care. Pacify Her, Now to drink something sparkly and pink like my soul!past2  My closet is Fifty Shades of Pink right meow. What to wear first.closetMY new PINK YRU & Nikki Lipstick Shoes fit perfectly into my life! Get some if you can they are Spice girls REALNESS! HEART Eyes forever! Wear with ruffle socks! Eat lollipops, and throw a tantrum in them! Have a Pity Party!cb1I’m laying in a pile of my favorite colors right now! Listening to CRYBABY! I love the illustrations, and the story.cb4cb3 99 bobby pins and I can’t find one! Pin Up Girl problems.cbbbb PUFF PUFF PASS TELL.cb5  Her heart’s bigger than her body. Her Name is CRYBABY. crybabr I am a big crybaby! When I first heard the album I was so in love, so fun to sing and dance to. I like all the songs so I had to buy the album. Plus tells a story and the booklet is to die for. Illustrated by Chloe Tersigini. Below is one of them. So, I have had this adorable little pink metallic leather jacket for years now, and did not know what to paint on it until that song came on. I grabbed a brush, some white paint, and free handed it. Then I thought of my favorite fashion club crier from DARIA, Stacey! Had to paint her on the back but with a pastel makeover. Painting her also made me think of how cute those bobble hair ties she wore are. Inspired, I went out and bought tons of them at the beauty supply shop. Got some more hair clips too NEVER ENOUGH! I am a 90s girl. BTW, Giving them out with purchases too! Then I put on some cherries on her for a personal and a rockabilly twist, then some jeweled tears. This cutie is available on my shop MEOW! Macymarie.storenvy.comcb6  She cried until she then could see. That she wasn’t even worthy of All her love and ABCs. So she spelt fuck you in 123!cb7 I also went back to pink, because I feel like I should have been born with this color! Don’t see the world in black n white, see it in shades of pink. Support local music, and small business! Shop from artists, designers, your friends, work together and make magic, make love. Make Up your own mind, and let your conscious be your guide. Trust in yourself. Wear whatever you like, and always be you! Be good to yourself and see the light in everybody! Be grateful for what you have and believe in whats to come. Don’t Judge, or try to change people, love them for who they are. Have empathy and help each other grow but Don’t grow up it’s a trap!gwen


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