Platinum Blonde Life

jane Have you ever wanted to be a platinum Blonde but think it is to hard or expensive? I have been doing my own hair for a while now and can share with you my ways. If you already know then keep calm and carry on. j4 hhhm4gwenyI wanna be a platinum blonde! Just like all the sexy stars, Marilyn and Jeane, Jayne, Mae and Marlene! Yeah they, they really had fun! Blondie!b  In a luminous day-glo shade. Walk into a bar and I’ll have it made in the Shade! ‘Cause if that’s all it takes; a double processed blonde….I wanna be a platinum blonde!bbb Yeah I even tried wearing a wig for a while. It was the right colour, but not the right style! Gonna get some peroxide at the beauty supply…See ya later!hair7

You will need a mixing bowl or Applicator bottle for your dye. You can even decorate it like I did! I prefer a bowl for this mix because it is thick! I bought mine at forever 21, but you can get them at your local Beauty Supply shop. Sally’s is where I purchased these! 30 creme developer(will last a little while), A bottle of Clairol Cream Hair Lightener, and two packages of Activators. I use two because my hairdresser taught me this way. So here is a step by step guide to becoming a blonde.

j1 Before You start, try on a wig and see if it suits you! It takes a lot of upkeep and work so no lazy babes allowed! It does itch, it may burn, and every head of hair reacts differently! Breakage can happen. I am a mousy brown so it lifts quick on me. Also You need virgin hair, or a lot of growth since your last crazy color change. I had to wait 7 years to go back to being platinum from going black. Only if you want soft hair still! Also have a spotting partner, my boyfriend does my roots in the back. So If you are lazy, not careful, or patient, then don’t try this at home. If you are ready to start doing your own hair or roots…It is so easy, it becomes routine, like shaving, or brushing your teeth. Shall we.hair3hair1 First put on some gloves and pour in the ingredients!hair2hair5 Now mix it all up good, and it will be a thick bleachy blue. Like runny peanut butter. Always Apply toy our roots first. If you are doing the whole head then go for it, but please cut of any damaged hair before you begin. Go in sections, from root to tip. Then kinda shampoo it all together with your fingers to get it all! Wrap it in a cap or not, and go under a dryer, or not, and just let the lightening begin. It will either way. If this is your first time then lift until orange yellow, and shampoo, condition, and wait a week or day or two then do the whole head again, if you want white hair! Do lots of hair masks! I do one or two a week. Pastels do not show well on yellow hair!  Ialso recommend manic panic Ultra Violet for color control. You have purple hair for weeks but why not?  If you are doing just part of your hair, say the underneath only, or just bangs, or a streak; then section it out first and pin the rest away from it, apply your bleach,and wrap in foil, or anything to separate it from bleaching the other hair. hair4 Here is what a root touch up should look like. Not perfectbut it works. Now when you are doing a root touch up do it often at least every 3 weeks. The less overlap the better and less damage you will have. I part my hair down the center, and brush on the dye, from the roots I slightly brush up and overlap so I don’t miss any hair, it is a bitch to go back. Then use a comb or the back of the dye brush to dig another part, and flip the hair over. Go from left to right, whatever works for you. Then keep doing that carefully until you reach the ears. Then flip it all up, pin it,and do the other side, carefully lying down bleach over your roots and layering the next part over. Practice makes perfect. You will get the hang of it, just keep straight lines if you can. Then pull it all up together over your head in a sloppy bun. By now you should feel the tingle and see some lightning, then have your partner do the back the same way. Be careful, it is time sensitive, it is bleach! I usually wait 20 to 30 min before rinsing. It all depends on how fast your hair lifts, so when you see it at a pale yellow then its ready. Carefully shampoo motion the roots out so you really make sure you got it all,from this time and last time. I recommend an ash blonde toner and purple shampoo to keep it white. Rinse,shampoo, and condition right away when you feel ready. b3  Always remember to Wrap your hair before bed if you want to remain with soft pretty hair. When you bleach It you damage the hair, but This helps a lot! Plus It helps hold your curlers.lost1gweeen


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