badss I love this movie so much,my mom showed it to me when I was little, and used to joke I was the Bad Seed. I am no evil child, but I love them as characters! Rhoda is cute, devious, smart, and  doesn’t have much of a conscience, which makes her quite the little sociopath. Rhoda was so pissed that she didn’t receive a medal that she felt she deserved, that she ended up killing her competition. Accused of drowning her classmate,she goes mad and denies, lies, and kills more. Her Mom has no clue what to do with her monster, and wonders if it is nature, or nurture that spoiled this egg. Is evil hereditary? Or are people made that way? badbadddd Why Can’t You wash of blood? baddd badseeddbbbbaabadseed5 So I up cycled this vintage peignoir and decorated it in Bad Seed Style. I dyed it baby pink, painted and sewed on the patch, made mini ribbon roses and bows, then crystal-ed on a seed. I love thow it came out! I then styled a Rhoda look and went to go shoot it by the lake, and play the role! I didn’t drown anybody but I was a crazy little brat.lig  What will you give me for a basket of kisses?badseed2  Give Me back My SHOES!badseed4 You tell lies like that, you won’t go to Heaven when you die!badseedI don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t feel ANY way at all.badseed3


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