Crybaby Style

cb I  I fucking love Melanie Martinez! Her voice, her words, style, and this whole Crybaby Album. I purchased it as soon as it came out! I am a huge Crybaby!  I can relate to a lot of the songs. On repeat while I get dolled up! I love the creepy cute vibes and music box sounds.”Teddy bear, you are my teddy bear, You were comforting and quiet. How did love become so violent? Oh, teddy bear, you were my teddy bear. Everything was so sweet until you tried to kill me.”
mm Lime Crime even has special edition Cry Baby Blue! So Cute, and comes with tear decals. Blue lipstick is the best! In case you haven’t tried it yet.cccb Why Did you steal my cotton candy heart?pb3 “Your favorite candy’s cotton, that’s why all your teeth are rotten
Silly girl.”doll “Kids are still depressed when you dress them up And syrup is still syrup in a sippy cup” cookies“Do you like my cookies? They’re made just for you. A little bit of sugar, but lots of poison, too! ” boooAbove was a vegan cupcake I ate, a lighter I made, and Below are some hand painted Baby Pacifier Necklaces I created as well. boo Pacify Her! stick4tumblr_lfuxgcQXk01qdbkkqo1_1280_large “Can’t take it anymore, need to put you to bed. Sing you a lullaby where you die at the end”bbbb  Babydoll Brooches available on my shop meow.  Also The Bad Babydoll Top below, Adult Swim Pasties and Rick & Morty Shorts I that made. Cloud choker by Marina Fini,for all you dreamers out there.shortz Your heart’s too big for your body. It’s where your feelings hide. asss “They’re pouring out/Where everyone can see/They call you cry baby, Cry baby. But you don’t fucking care!”tumblr_lfuxgcQXk01qdbkkqo1_1280_large Cry baby, cry baby. So you laugh through your tears
bb2 Tears fall to the ground. You just let them drown.
bbbt “You’re one of a kind. And no one understands. But those cry baby tears, Keep coming back again.”bandana I love mixing the baby doll style into my daily wardrobe. It always felt natural to me.  Maybe its obsession or a lost childhood, either way its part of my style and no fucks given!  Always with a punk rock vibe, or Gothic kiss because I like to practice what I preach. I also collect pastel vintage lingerie from thrift stores! Can’t get enough of it. (Brooches,and gutter pop bandannas available on my shop).twins “Places, places, get in your places. Throw on your dress and put on your doll faces. Everyone thinks that we’re perfect. Please don’t let them look through the curtains.”amor7 D-O-L-L-H-O-U-S-E. I see things that nobody else sees.inspire11 doll This is from one of my favorite Manga Stories. A soul tormented and Trapped in doll.cb2mmm2 Throwback Babydoll!


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