Love Bath

bath2 Rub a dub dub Sushi In the tub. My boyfriend took me out on a Japanese Market Date and I picked up a pre made sushi plate, and a bottle of cold pink sake. (It cost under 10 dollars. The bottle was more then the sushi, so if you brew some tea it would be even cheaper, and healthier. You can pick up vegan sushi to go too or make your own.) I put it on a pretty plate and decorated with little cute trinkets that make me happy. (I collect things that steal my heart and keep them in boxes or out, for when I need them so I don’t have to go out and buy stuff all the time. Casual Thrifting forever!) Then I lit some candles, poured myself some sake and slipped into my lovely bath. This Picture went crazy on Tumblr so many re posts and all sorts of comments. From wow how fancy, to goals, gross, or my favorite” I want to push it all in the tub, lol.” It really shows judgement and perspective, on something as simple and fun as relaxing after work. People go crazy. If it’s not for you don’t do it, carry on. If it Is, Treat yourself to a cheap mermaid bath. (I don’t take baths often, but when I do, I make them magical. Why Not?)  I don’t fall into any routine, I try to make all my experiences in this life beautiful. Plus It is not very expensive or hard! Just a little decorating. It is second nature to me now.bathk Another great tip! Find a good friend who makes bath soaks! One of my besties made me this Glittery rose balancing one, that I absolutely love. (We make each other presents and recycle the containers back n forth.)Or go make your own, there are so many great recipes online.You don’t have to give in to the system, its cheaper, and you know exactly what you are getting. If you can afford it, or long overdue a little spoiling for yourself! Go To Lush! I fucking love that place, the one at UTC mall is the best! Every babe there. Here Is the Mermaid Bath Combo, for a sparkly golden blue bath!anfHere is a sex bomb sprinkled with Fresh Rose Petals.romance Bat Your Lasheslashes


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