Get Dolled Up

garden2 I Have a motto, Get dolled up early! I often find myself telling this to other girls when they ask me about my routine. If I get dolled up early on, then the rest of the day goes a lot smoother for me. Although I love my makeup ritual, It is nice for it to be done and over with. I feel sexy, and ready for wherever is to come. If a friend invites me out I can say yes! Every time I pass a mirror I dance around with extra energy, and get more work done in the process. When I am feeling cute and stress free I put extra magic and love into everything I do. Again I am writing on my behalf and what is good for my mental health, and playing dress up is.garden3 This vintage embroidered floral romper is my favorite piece I own. The Shell Purse I completely hand sewed and decorated to ethereal mermaid perfection. I can’t live without my cheap pink Lolita Heart Shades! garden You can roll your bangs around a bendable curler and pin to make faux pin up bangs. Or bumper bangs.garden7 I love to play make believe, an escape from your life. I love to play a desperate actress from the Old Hollywood days. Reading vintage books on breaking into the business, rehearsing monologues, drinking martinis,and preparing head shots to send in the mail. All in good fun, if it’s not for you good for you! I pretend I live here.life5 A lot of people ask me about my morning routine. I do try to get dolled up as much as possible, and was lucky because I worked at the coolest thrift shop where I scored most of my clothes and was able to express myself creatively on a daily basis. So yes! I put on designed playlists, make tea, or coffee, and play! I dance, put on makeup, and see where my mood takes me. I play in my closet and arrange outfits for days. I sing,I get weird, and get to know myself. I do this now in between my sewing and painting, but did it a lot more when I had a job. If you can find time to do this you must.funpinkgarden44



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2 responses to “Get Dolled Up

  1. What an adorable outfit. Love the look. 😉

  2. sarah lee

    I love it how you live life to the fullest and enjoy every magical moment!
    You really are a star (☆▽☆)

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