I am not your ordinary doodle

love When I first found this white leather moto jacket I immediately thought of Holli Would from Cool World. A bombshell badass in all white, with her gogo boots riding on a white motorcycle. So I painted her on the back. I was obsessed with her! Still am. I love the way she talks,moves, and her attitude! The way she takes of her gloves. Her Bedroom, glamorous outfits, curves, dancing, obsession with Marlin Monroe and Old Hollywood! So seductive, and bad whats not to love,such a fun character. Femme Fataleholli Holli Would If She Could…..And She Will! holli2Every illustration and scene in the film is eye candy, Art. So dark, twisted, and Cool! I loved the city background art as much as the characters! But each obscure character has its own charm and personality. So I had to paint some of them on the leather as well.splatln

COOL WORLD, 1992. ©Paramount

COOL WORLD, 1992. ©Paramount

holliii Lets Make Love.hollly I painted on the flames and studded the cuff. Then I started to freehand all the characters and flash art. It took hours and layers of paint for this Baby. Also Layers of glitter and mod podge. It already sold, and I miss it so much! holly1holly2 Pink Pentagram earrings by Marina Fini. Sparkly Sid Lock n Chain and powder puff ring on my shop. Macymarie.storenvy.com. Floral Bodysuit is vintage. Boots are from Glitter Death,Hollywood. Hair Color Bubblegum Pink by N Rage. Lipstick Is Inked Barbie Cosmetics.holly3holly5 I’m not bad, I was just drawn this way. Liquid Liner Almay. holleee


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