Wanta Fanta

tropic2Meu coração faz chica chica boom chictropical5 Boom chic boom boom boom boom tropical3 Wanta Fanta?tropicI am in love with this Vintage Mint Kimono, been living it lately. The color is heavenly, and it drapes perfectly. It makes my Tropical Angel- Pin up look feel more glamorous, and girly. The Top is Vintage, and the classic polka dot bottoms are by Red Dolly Swim. Daisy earrings are by the One and Only Marina Fini. I made the banana ones, and all the papaya stuff! All the Carmen Miranda inspired accessories are vintage, or ones I bought on my many trips to Brasil. As always I do my own makeup and hair. It is faded Rockabilly Blue by Manic Panic, and I hand sewed the braided buns! The lipstick is COMO? By Stilla Cosmetics. The shadow is Birthday Cake by Inked Barbie Cosmetics. Almay Liquid Liner for life! The Flamingo Shades Inspired the whole look! My sweet friend Tiffany Sent them to me in a care package and I adore them. Tchau kawaiil


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