Iv’e Got the blues

bluesI’ve been feeling blue lately, and its reflecting on my style. I am into hand sewing these ethereal yarn mermaid braids right now! Mermaid past life memories. I also made the shoes, rings, nails, and bindi. All available at my shop!. Macymarie.storenvy.com. The dress and earrings and sparkly hand sewn shawl are all are vintage, Necklace Betsey Johnson. The gift shop shell anklet goes with me everywhere.  bluesl8r I really love this perfect lace dress, I’m thinking of making my own version of them for my shop soon! They fit so good. With pretty handmade ribbon ties.bluesnails  What better is there to do when your blue than shop! I really had to have this phone tho. If you want one its Valfre. I love her art, and the concept of this phone is genius. Shell Phone, Shellfies, and it looks like you are listening to the ocean when you are on it. It was the antenna that sold me tho. How Cute! People really turn there heads when they see it, and its so much fun. Everything I ever buy is second hand or from my designer friends, but sometime KAWAII purchases that warm the heart are worth every penny. It always inspires me and I design entire looks around it, haha. It inspired me to make these mermaid french tips! And ever since I discovered Boopsie Daisy and bought her “Sea How Cute I Am” print I’ve gone full mermaid. LOL. styyy The Little Chibi  Moon Nail is http://nailcart.tumblr.com/ vfLook at this stuff
Isn’t it neat?
Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete?
Wouldn’t you think I’m the girl
The girl who has everything?


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