Sea The Light

sea  See the Light within yourself and everyone else. Everyone has a beautiful pure light running through them. We are all a little good and a little bad, some days were overly happy and the next extremely sad. We are human, we are one, we are energy, we are stardust, we are golden. Fuck negativity. Once you focus on seeing the light in others the more you will notice a positive change in your life. Focus on all the positives and help others be healthy and happy instead of wishing them harm. Spread Love, spread light, illuminate the candles that are out. The ones who are hardest to love, need it the most, surround them with light. Imagine an eggshell or bubble, color of your choosing, around them. Imagine a big pink sparkly heart radiating with love. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Don’t let your ego hold you back from being the bigger person, and you will notice a lot less feuds. Spend that energy on a surprise tea party with a friend Instead. Make something beautiful. Go the beach, swim in the ocean, and watch the light sparkle on the sea.ddstylezzz “We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own.” Ben Sweetland. Practice what we preach.
“When you possess light within, you see it externally.” stylez   I made the look above head to toe. Anybody can create something magical to wear, be it for yourself or a friend. It feels amazing! Something custom, something special, really warms the heart. Fresh baked deserts, flowers,or a stuffed animal also magical! A good deed when needed the most shines so brightly. I’ve been having a tough time lately, and one morning after feeling utterly hopeless and giving up, I got my puffy crying face out of bed and went to my local fabric store. Georga, the lady who works there, gifted me this beautiful vintage looking dusty rose teddy bear. She hand made it for me, and we hugged, teared up, and she spread so much light into me again. Like the Fill my cup Rainbow scene in the end off Puff The magic Dragon. This is quite normal for me, I constantly give with no expectations, and receive so much back in return. I am not pretending there is no bad out there, very aware, but it is crucial we all sprinkle some glittery light around, instead of throwing shade.g2  I wear bright colors because it makes me happy, it makes others happy. I worked at a thrift store for a long time, in a not so nice part of town. This place needed light, the customers came in to soak up the good vibes and fun fashion. It has The best clothes tho! I loved putting together fabulous looks for people in need, making homeless feel like celebrities, making last minute drag dreams come true. I loved helping students with their projects and lent them free clothes because I know the struggle. I love inspiring people to dress wild with no fear, to dare to be original. I loved being an ear and giving free therapy as I went through their trades. I went through thousands of bags a day and even when I was  tired, or hungover or in need of coffee and  food, I still provided excellent service to all. There is always going to be negativity, sad, broke, tired, sick, desperate, and unloved people in need of your light. All walks of life need help, love and compassion. But never feel sorry or pass judgment, we are all equal, and deserve to find our bliss.muam My favorite shop ever! If you are in San Diego GO! steezx I am super proud of these platforms I made! MEOW. Get dolled up early in the day, get happy, make others happy. Never be a people pleaser, just check that ego and be stoked on life. Be grateful for what you have, even the challenges that make you stronger and wiser. Be proud of who you are. Shine bright. He whose face gives no light, shall never become a star.stcute It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light. g5“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.”Anthony J. D’Angelog3 Follow your heart, go with the flow and don’t fight it! If an occasional fun day drink takes you out of your head, then do it babe! But be careful with too much alcohol, slippery slope to health, ego, and emotional problems. Enjoy your life and help others dothe same. sttttt This SHE-RA Bag gives me life! I got it in a surprise package filled with cute stuff I adore and handmade treasures by a fellow artist who also believes in the magic of sharing light! Love you Jeannette! Girl Power! So go and send a friend a surprise, make somebody’s day who needs it, and glow! surfff


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