Beach Rat Mermaid Queen

tc  I grew up at the beach, in California, date a surfer, and love the sun, surf, and sand. I love the culture that surrounds it, the vibe, and most of all the art. Surf and skate art is so detailed, colorful as well as comedic. Kinda like my style, LOL. Anyways…I’ve collected so many rad shirts over the years and have been cutting them up, and reworking them into wearable art. I cant believe I shredded my vintage baby blue T&C Steve Nazar  shirt, but I had to. These shirts have not been produced for a decade and are hard to find! An unknown dramatic split within the T&C organization and the artist’s characters…In short, the Logo never did as well without the Characters, and the Characters died without the Logo. Read about it here:  bgtnc

I’ve had this one forever! My heart! I put so much love and work into this vest.  I am very sentimental about each aspect, and a lot of my old personal patches and buttons adorn this baby. I handmade a lot of the brooches,and pins as well. I love the T&C ones! I lined it with my Beach Dog shirt, and sewed the little pocket on too. I hand painted the neon print, sharky, and Santa Cruz Art. I used Simpsons because I grew up not only watching it religiously, but answering all the trivia questions with my brothers and aunt at 711! We won every scratch off question, and lived off the free food, donuts, nachos, slurpies, and sodas, (different era) for summers! Well all the time, it was always sunny and we all lived for the beach. beach9 I put Spicoli because he is my first crush, Beavis & Butthead is life, A lot of Santa Cruz,buttons, Slime balls, Thrasher, pikachu surfing, tan booty, sharks, and Surf Punks. ACDC was my favorite beach music as a teen so I had to put it in as well. I like to tell a personal story in each piece I create. I create art, not tailoring to trends. beach8 Drinking Beer for Breakfast….when I go to the beach!beach8 I also put Elvis and Pin Up babes, because I was a rockabilly baby, and the culture used to be tied in with beach culture. Trader Vics to Hot rod surf. I used to rock a Hot Rod Surf shirt in High School,with Dickies shorts, babysitter shoes, and black velvet slippers from FAM BAM,  thought I was the shit, lol. beach1beach5 My baby is such a good surfer, even though he boasts more about his guitar playing, he is not the same with out the waves. He is a fish and will not come out ever! Surfing is more then a workout and looking cool! It is magical and heals your mind,body, and soul. It connects you to the earth and gives you faith! But lately we have not been that stoked. He has several injuries, tears, and spine problems from work and was away from surfing for almost 6 months now. It’s been hard on us but we are getting wet again. It hurts but sometimes you have to push through the pain, and fight with your mind. Like Bruce Lee! I put him on there too in shades! But we are doing stretches, physical therapy, healing and spiritual work as well as trying to see a doctor. Speaking of spiritual,I love to clean my stones and crystals in the ocean water.beach6 Be careful exposing crystal balls in the sun, it can really get hot fast and solar brand ya know!beach4 I made the bananas earrings too! If you havent noticed I live in my CRAP shades. I love this brand so much, the aesthetic, name and story behind them as well. beach3This is the LAW st alley! Lots of beer bonging, bowls, joints, partying, and puking took place here. radddtop4 Here are my beach faerie tops! I spent hours hand weaving and shredding these strands of rainbow tye dye shirts. I knotted and beaded each one as well. They have a ton of beach sayings, tiny Buddhas, plastic beads and butterflies. Oh how I will miss these!top2 I am obsessed with little jeweled cutouts right now!mauibeach3 My favorite babe right now! Adrienne, Shooting her new collection with mine. I love Little Black Diamond! Go Glitters!beach4  Namaste SKYEbeach2 I decided to own my mermaid past life. I made the braid. Hello kitty Glitter from Brasil. beach6 Noell is such a babe in my fluffy pastel rainbow jacket I made! My alien fluffs, baby bottle clips, and papaya ring.pp To grab all the cute stuff you see above! I handmade these adorable papayas too! beach1 Modeling with Sami Dollar! My rainbow fluffs are the best, hand sewn with love! styyyyl Rainbow Beach Party. mmrmrrmm Kiki Swim Bottoms by Little Black Diamond. Velvet Pastel Rainbow. shell Handmade Kawaii Mermaid rings available meow All they wanted was a sound that could kill someone! Love kate Bush, love this album to play dress up and get angsty too.If you like the bra I made it as well, check my shop out mermaid babe! I make custom handmade braids and hair This is all yarn! Yep. Faux ponytails, bumps, bouffants, bangs, and braids! bra If you have a chance pick up one of these bubble guns! The music is epic, contagious, trust me, it lights up, and its a pink doggy! Best 5 bucks I ever spent. I bought in LA Fashion District. I’m sure it comes from China. I am HULLU good bye.beach


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