Iced Tea Crazy

kawaii6 I live for Iced tea. I drink so much tea I stared making pitchers of it to keep in the fridge for endless refills. I love to mix in fresh organic lemon slices, ginger,fresh fruit,and herbs. I don’t sweeten my tea, only honey or agave if I do. Lately I have been into green ginger tea with lemon, ginger, and pear slices! You can mix in whatever you like and let it meddle. I cant stress enough how good tea is for you, especially the greens! Plus it helps you get your daily water intake,and has so many healing benefits. Lemon juice every day too! I even do cayenne lemon ginger shots as much as possible. My skin and body can never get enough fruit! Pears are wonderful! Try this or your own blend, and lay off processed unnatural drinks like sodas, and sugary shit like fake juices, waters, Gatorade….and so on. Water,tea,and organic fresh squeezed juices come from the earth, and your body reacts better, because it can identify what the fuck it is taking in. Be health, but always in moderation, cheating keeps the cravings away, wish it worked that way with booze. So make up pitchers of Iced tea, and black coffee,  you will be less tempted to drink the bad stuff.


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