Mad Magical Style

fae2 Excuse me for the lack of posts lately. I have been swamped with work, meetings, collaborations, networking, branding my company, and doing a little artistic soul searching. Mercury in Retrograde always sets my Virgo self back as well. After years upon years I will finally be launching my dream collection this summer, and my Brand. Fae-ded Daisy I’m back,and inspired once more to write, and share my life with you all. I am really excited to create more, make art,and take it all to the next level. Here are some of the cute and magical things Iv’e been making for my shop.fae Tiny Tea Fairies, manifestation candles, kawaii pins, clip in unicorn horns, and fairy dress up kits! All made with love, magic, high vibrations, and loud music!faeeeeefaaaa  Do you believe in fairies?faaaaSometimes you just need a little vodka and glitter to get through the work.crafts Idle hands are the devils playground. Coming up with new fluffs everyday, because I am a manic artist, and always trying new and different things. I just love how they glam up any look, and are so fun, girly, and playful. love3jpg Evil eye fluffs to protect yourself from the envious!min These are my sparkle snow cone fluffs, served up in style. I take pride in my packaging, probably as much fun as creating the item itself.snowconfcrafts2 The Persian cat fluffs are puuuuurfect. I am going to start making other color cats soon. Hand painted and sewn with love.puuur pastelsssqueenfrostbfffffbroochServing up cute every day at sspuffpuff I love powder puffs! The ultimate symbol of femininity, glamour, Vanity icons! When I was 16 I got the KITTEN one from Benefit Cosmetics that made me forever shimmer. I love Dita Von Teese and her Powder puff compact dance as well. So I make them in pin, hair clip, and ring form… nowpinkbandana Gutter pop bananas are hand dyed, bleached, and decorated to puuurfection. Inspired by mu little brother, he is in the gutter forever and I love him for it. Gutter punk to a kept baby doll. Never lose the child inside, fuck the conforms of society and their oppressed values on the norm. Some of us had lost childhoods, and the need to fulfill the void.bby2cbling2peachfae My second Ouija Planchette! Pink Magic, it sold very fast. I cant wait to come across some more and make new ones.I love decorating pinkfaeryEvery purchase from my shop comes with goodies, and wrapped up like a dream. I throw in so many special extras, random art, quotes, and more. I want purchasing from my shop a magical playful experience. Depending on what you buy, and how often,decides how much spoiling is gonna go down, I love you all and thank you for the love and support! It means the world to me, and I need every penny, believe me. As you can tell I am all about the art and integrity of my name over a cheap buck any day, but I am a starving artist and need the cash every now and then,you know!  Look forward to many more posts,healthy recipes, and tips on fighting bullshit on the daily.


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