Scream and Run Run Runway

bucket I have been working really hard on putting on a kawaii runway show. I painted cute pumpkin buckets for the models to throw out treats to the crowd. A battle of light and dark to display my personal struggle between the two worlds-styles was the story. I also wanted to showcase my love for costume, baby doll life, creativity, and accessories. It went beyond fabulous, and I went beyond tipsy. It was a celebration of self love, and getting dolled up. Every model killed it. The energy was so strong.  It was hours of playing dress up and having cocktails with pretty girls. My good friends drove to town to walk in my show, and celebrate with me! So Happy! I met new friends, and inspired love and self expression. We rooftop partied, and my friend and husband slept in their van at work.  In the morning I went to work, played more dress up, had hair of the dog drinks, and danced to T.S.O.L, Misfits, and the Cramps with my girl Kelsey. They slept over and we cooked and watched horror movies in bed. Then took the bus with my love and chilled in LA, attended Dripped and have been resting since. Well as much as I can get away with. show2 My friends, angels from LA, and total babes who drove down to walk in my show. kels My Cherry Blossom. cb A submissive, girly, pink, cherry blossom faerie,who dances with the dark. cb2 Faerie and mermaid nostalgia swirled for a lust for Halloween.sea This is my Sea Goddess look. All for sale at bad This is  one of my looks for the darkside. nursey My Vampy Nurse slayed. show3 The makeup artists got my vibe down perfectly. cutshow4dev My friend Devin and one of the makeup artists:) Love this girl.    babe4


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