Love Like Blood

nurse1A rock ‘n’ roll nurse, goin’ into my headnurse2 October is going by way too fast and I haven’t dressed up nearly enough. So today I went with a  twisted nurse costume. I decorated the hat and leggings to my liking, and used a candy blood bag as a garter. I also made the little blood heart vile. The dress is vintage, and shoe YRU. So,Dressing up is fun and gets people in good spirit, so I go with it and inspire fun. I work at a popular record store-thrift store, with a huge costume section, so…. full time dress up! I had a blast helping people all day with their costume ideas, and Halloween dreams. I also made a Nurse playlist, because I go Hard. Seriously I live for dress up and tunes. nurse3So here it is:

  1. Pills- New York Dolls
  2. Code Blue-T.S.O.
  3. Love Like Blood-Blitzkid
  4. No Tears- Tuxedomoon
  5. Blood-My Chemical Romance
  6. Take the Pill- Emilie Autumn
  7. Cuts You Up- Peter Murphy
  8. Bloodletting-Concrete Blond
  9. Night Nurse- Gregory Issacs
  10. Nightcall-Kavinsky

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