Rainbow Clouds

pinup2 pinup1 Try to be a Rainbow in someones cloud. pop2 I love wearing bright, and pastel colors, well indulging in all things that make me happy. Like the Lisa Frank Dolphin Cards above! Dressing up makes others happy, inspired, and warm on the inside. Or totally grossed out, but those ones are not my cup of tea. I dress for me. popMy hair color is Bubblegum Pink by N Rage. Glasses are Crap Eyewear, Beach Party. Sea horse and strawberry lip gloss from Flamingo Vintage, LA. Violet lipstick by NYX. UBER COOL choker by We Are Mortals. Accessories by me,get yours at macymarie.storenvy.com. My rainbow fluffs are to die for,get yours now before they sell out!pinup3 Powder Puff hair clips and daisy rings at macymarie.storenvy.com. rainbowfluffs “Dare to love yourself as if you were a rainbow with gold at both ends.” – Aberjhani


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  1. glitterloner

    I ❤ you! Inspiration all the way!!!

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