Work Pony to My Little Pony

la1It occurred to me, while Listening to Bach and taking a long warm bath, that I haven’t shaved my legs, nor relaxed in months. I turned from a My Little Pony into a work pony. Lets not talk about the lack of gym either. I am overworked, over partied, and burnt out. I am broke, stressed sick, and my life a mess. My body is an amusement park, not a temple. Fast food injection, and coffee to get me through the work load. Booze became the new elixir, to numb the mind, then drugs to re expand it. I realized I haven’t blogged quality in months, sat down to read, nor taken care of myself. My glowing skin has dulled as my beauty routine has gone out the window with my gym one. The only thing getting a workout is my fingers. I feel more machine than human these days, I must slow down before I break. When you get into work mode you sometimes get tunnel vision, and lose passion. So as the classical music freed my mind, by putting it to rest. I am going to find my dream and live it, not work towards it. I am going to take care of my self and restore my mind,body, and soul connection. I will radiate, and show you how to as well! Major beauty DIY!  I promise better blog posts and healthy inspiration for the Holidays. Thank you for following, I have some good stuff up my sleeves. Hard work pays off, it is even in the phrase, it is hard, nothing worth having comes easy. I love the popularity, don’t get me wrong, but at what cost. Always ask yourself Is it worth the sacrifice? Find happiness in yourself, with love, with what you have, and find a positive place to live. Ciao. dream



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3 responses to “Work Pony to My Little Pony

  1. glitterloner

    I feels it too! You’re awesome tho and totally inspiring don’t ever stop! You aren’t alone babe! 💗💗💗

      • glitterloner

        Of course! I super admire you and I love your designs, your blog, your modeling, your art all of it! I love seeing fellow designers/artists that also inspire me and you’re one of them hopefully we can meet some day ❤ Love you bb!!! Keep on keepin strong! ❤

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