Going bananas

jacked2 I’m going bananas, And I feel like my poor little mind is being devoured by piranhas, For I’m going bananas.jacked4 Who knows? Could be the tropic heat, Or something that I eat that makes me gonzo. I do carry on so, for I’m going bananas,jacked3 I love Melissa Plastics by Vivienne Westwood. They are cute, pin up perfection, and you can wear them right in the pool! Every Christmas in Brasil, my boyfriend takes me on a date to the Huge Mellisa boutique to buy me a new pair! Then for the best hot chocolate in town. I am a lucky duck. ppss3 pp2 I have a huge Tropicana side to me, and love anything that looks like it would grace Carmen Miranda(Type Carmen Miranda under my search bar and see my obsession). I also collect these chunky tropical necklaces like the parrot one I have on. I love them so much, that I will be re designing and recreating them in my own way in pastel colors with pops of neon. Stay tuned. I have always wanted banana earrings, and my mom gave me a handful of vintage plastic ones, so I made these fabulous banana earrings you see here. I ordered some more, so expect to see them in my shop soon as well! If you can see the little necklace I made above, it has a tiny papaya, coke bottle, and banana, I made it 8 years ago:) Still in love. I spent a lot of my life in Brasil, and proud to say it impacted me highly. ppsss  Who knows? Could be the wine I drink…Or it’s the way I think, That makes me gonzo. Oh, Doctor Alonzo says I’m going bananas!jacked6 I love to show off my body, my curves, my skin, but not look to bare. It been so hot lately, and I was in desperate need of some stylish layering, something modern but different. A not so cover up to complete my summer looks. I found it! I modeled for Jacked Fashion this weekend and partied with some amazing babes, anyways I wore this sheer sparkly iridescent dress and fell head over heels in love. My brain was spinning with all the outfit possibilities. I got to keep it and you can buy yourself one of these wardrobe staples at http://www.jackedfashion.com/ Wait till you see the swim wear!!!jacked5 I am wearing it scrunched at the leg with a vintage butterfly brooch, over my high waist-ed vintage bikini bottoms, and polka dot ruffle top. As usual Lolita heart shades and fun accessories. Boop Boop E Doop. jacked1 Macaron Lipstick by NYX, in Pistacio. 


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