Macy Daisy Diary Entry

room2 Macy Daisy is my nickname, and am really starting to like it more and more lately. Let me tell you how I got it. There are these two really cute old lady besties that go to my gym, and they just love me. I heard Tell Macy Daisy! I was like what, that is so cute!!! They told me one day I must come over for cake and tea, and that they decided they would call me Macy Daisy. It is all to cute, and that is what life is all about. I hope me and my best friends will still do that forever, and play dress up with pastel hair and tons of sparkly accessories.  A girl can dream. Like right now I am playing with my new goodies I scored in LA this weekend. Feeling like a kid lately being summer and all,that and I have a new pink bed, and amazing friends lifting my spirit and helping my creative seeds grow into flowers. So fucking Happy. A new friend has been making my life richer and filled with tea and dirty talk and another baby doll in particular has been my angel out of the blue….I love the green flower clip babe:].   room7Now back to the nickname….At first I thought it was cute and I didn’t mind it, because I am a total flower child filled with love and  happiness.  But I still have that bite, that younger me mind set of toughness and darkness I collected as I grew up on the streets, at shows,in record stores, and in the “scene”. Beaches, friends, cheap motels, and even cheaper beer was my life. Now I am a pink picket fence with a lawn full of flamingos. I realize life is not black and white it is pink! I know wearing my heart on my sleeve is braver than a tough front. I love what I am and  hide behind no mask. My body and soul are rapidly growing with love, water, healthy food, exercise, greens, and pretty colors, like a flower. “A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms. I have been in the company of some of the most fabulous babes lately! Seriously, all you talented people out there, share your love and magic with each other and collaborate on genius ideas!  Help each others dreams come true and enjoy success together instead of always thinking of yourself first. Travel, Get inspiration from strangers and widen your perspective. Always support local art, and designers, and shops,seek people out, and give people chances. You will be pleasantly surprised, and if not in a good way then you learn and move on. Be up in space and down to earth.room9room1 All you can be is yourself, learn to love who you are, and seek out others who do too. So here is a look into what I love right now, and the like minded babes who make all my fashion lifestyle dreams come true. Thank you for the little pastel plastic butterfly hair piece! The sparkly pink cloak is my new favorite, kisses. I cant get enought of how perfect it makes me feel. I can not get enough of pastels ever,especially paired with iridescent rainbow sparkles, baby doll hair accessories,and big ass sparkly third eyes like a space goddess. Summer screams pops of neon to me. Marini Fini Jewelry is a summer must have, just look at those daisy clear neon acrylic earrings! And the Pot leaf choker, I am too lucky to have so many of her pieces. Perfect for laying in bed, packing my bag for the beach and blowing huge pink bubbles while dancing to oldies, and The Cramps. bubblegumI am addicted to bubble yum! it is the only one I can find to blow huge bubbles. They only have it at target where I also just picked up some iridescent rainbow mechanical pencils!!!(love these things you have no idea) hello kitty stuff, and Pink princess goldfish crackers. I never eat these but look at the package, I just had to when I saw the tiara and enchanting castle, and it Says Baked….hehe.room8 Ok lets talk about all this amazing color, going on. That bad ass daisy sweatshirt, those shiny pastel lace shorts, POPPLES BOW, My Melody Lollipop pearl necklace!!! I even got a Princess Jasmine dress!!! All that comes from an amazing girl Elizabeth I met! Babe behind the Kawaii World of Miss Alphabet. Her booth was going like hot cakes. More addicting then my coffee. She is a talented being with a strong vision and really good at fitting. Her clothes not only look irresistible like the color pink itself, but makes your body look good! Sold for life! Buy her magic here at: . I wish to collaborate with her soon. She winded up with one of my best pieces! My Lizard Queen Vest! Lucky ducky!lqlq2 Das me leaving her booth. I could clear it out and am an official customer for life. So much love for Miss Alphabet. She also picked up a pair of my Water Nymph Fluffies.nymm My look for my Pop up Show in Market City LA with some great talents and faces present. Photo by Jeannette Jordana. Here is Jacked Fashion, sexy models, stylists, designers, and free spirited girls on cloud Nine. No fucks given, except for fashion!bae Take us to your Dealer.alienz2 Shop my designs at Get these Pastel Alien Babe fluffies while you still I even got to meet an inspirational artist & designer, the beautiful Faerie Kelly Eden! and give her a mint vintage lingerie piece  that looked so cute on her fly cherry blossom Iced Tea Get Up!! Her flower crowns are to die for!!! Check them out and her art @kellyeden. These other two faeries I have been dying to meet Amy Doan @shrinkle behind SugarPill Cosmetics, and the fabulous Stephanie @zilla308 Dreamy. Pretty Star Laura has long been an inspiration and favorite gal of mine, so happy to hang with her too! sh room5room10 Be Original and don’t think you are the only one who is. shh Bangle by Marina Fini , Jacket by Alaska, Jacked Fashion. room3 Peace, love, and color! I will be changing my blog to Macy Daisy soon! xx



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2 responses to “Macy Daisy Diary Entry

  1. Liz

    Macyyyyyy! I hope you don’t think I’m creeping on ya haha 🙂 I was checking my Etsy shop stats and I saw some traffic from this blog! You are so friggin’ sweet, I had such a blast on Sunday. Is it cool if I share this entry on my Miss Alphabet fan page? I sported my vest and earrings today and got TONS of compliments, even from sweet old ladies haha! ❤ ❤ ❤

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