I’m Fembot

pinks2 I fucking Love Pink. I almost have to have everything I see in the color, especially if it’s fluffy, or fuzzy, or clear, or sparkly. I also love how people instantly pass judgement on the color as if it makes you soft, Sorry for the bad quality photos lately, my camera broke on memorial day weekend and all I have is my Phone. But I’m not that sorry cause Iv’e never been a picky pixel person. Vhs dosent bother my eyes any. Neither do these glamorous earrings, Blushing in the pink Fluffies lately.pinkspinkdvds I am equally passionate about film as I am pink. I seriously spend most of my time watching movies so I decided to start changing out all my black cases for pink ones! So much cuter. I work at a Record store thrift store so I snag a ton of Legally Blonde DVDS, lol. fb I made this fuzzy pink journal! It could be yours to fill with all your creative ideas, drawings, poems, fashion illustrations, recipes……anything your heart desires. This was inspired by the sexy Fem bots from Austin Powers. It even has little ribbon pom pom ties on the side!!! So cute. Handmade with love, glitter, and glam. I go through these like crazy, and I love them. Having something so cute to cuddle and write your deep thoughts, sudden ideas, or outfit inspirations. will be making tons of fun journals for my shop soon. http://macymarie.storenvy.com/products/7689555-pink-fuzzy-fembot-journal bf Revenge is a dish best served Pastel.fembot5 How perfect is this look, I want to make my own!!28 More kawaii fluffies coming soon!!! macymarie.storenvy.com



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2 responses to “I’m Fembot

  1. Wow I loved it, means just beautiful…

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