Darkwave Baby Doll

skelly1 I walk the line between good and evil skelly3 Gothic Baby doll style is my favorite look. I feel good in my skin, ready to sin. Skeleton corset top with chain and collar is by Lip Service, from The Original Cult Outlet. The Tutu Bondage skirt is from Tripp NYC. Black lacey Sheer number is vintage from Thrift Trader. The Giant Love A lot Care Bear Backpack is my best friend, and I made him. The ripped skeleton teacup tights, and black fluffy earrings, and Infinite S Garters, made by me as well. Shoes!!!! Quosmo Ski High’s by YRU. Lipstick is Pagan Angel by Fergie, for Wet N Wild Cosmetics. I also am obsessed with layering watches and bracelets, its my thing. I Layered up a chunky really old Hot Topic spiked bracelt with a bondage one, and My Melody pink watch from a happy meal..Hehe. I am really into tying things on my ankle, and layering there as well. Create your own style. cameo Jump on the fluffies trend! http://macymarie.storenvy.com/ouijafl



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