yaIt’s crazy how one phone call, or visit, from a good friend can just lift you up and make you feel really good in your own skin again. Even if you are feeling alright you can always feel better. I have been so caught up in trying to balance my work, crafting time, my online store, the post office, sleep, gym, grocery shopping even, that I have neglected friend time. Even worse, me time. Working on it… Talking with someone who really knows you, without the  judgement, competition, or envy, just pure love, laughter, and enthusiasm, is so healing. Fuck It is incredible, every phone call should end with…well,  leave you never wanting it to! We get so caught up with other bullshit, and blindsided by idiots, we become a tad bit lost. Well at least I do. We diagnose ourselves with depression, and fatigue, when in fact we surround ourselves with too many assholes. Life is a learning process and we learn something new each day. So Focus your energy and time on the deserving. If you have someone(or many) in your life where you can completely be yourself around, feel loved and appreciated for being exactly who you are, than you are a lucky one. Or just more intuitive. I have always followed my heart so  I have many good people in my life, and am so blessed. I also have the best man on earth going on 14 years, wouldn’t change a thing. Back to the happy friend phone call, time really flies when you are having fun. We start talking  around 1 or so until I realize I’m starving and its 10:30, and we are  talking about our lust for booze, ice cream cookie sandwiches, and why pink hair is the best color ever. The point being we need to spend more time getting lost with the ones we love, instead of in the day to day grind of life. Or even worse drama! Life is a journey, a learning experience, and you only get one,so wise up, hehe. Live it up. Don’t let Idiots(know it all-s)  distract you from your sole mates and kindred spirits, lose them, be brave, be yourself, and make your own path. Energy is everything, and if you want more happiness,then you must surround yourself with others who are equally enthusiastic about it. “What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.”
DSC06977 “Good Friends are like stars, You don’t always see them, but you know they are there.”


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