Alien Babe

alienfluffIf I could drive a spaceship, dear,
I’d take you to the stars.aliebbb And you would be alone with me,
As we fly next to Venus or Mars alienopk My latest fluffy earring creation, Alien Babe! I was inspired by these neon pastel green and blue gradient beads and designed the earrings around them. That and the creepy alien pic I found on my boyfriend’s guitar garage wall. I sewed Slime green, and baby blue marabou feathers together and then added a gold chain and the bad ass bead. I handmade the alien posts with Fimo, glitter, love, magic, and Tiny Tim Music. They turned out just how I imagined. You can get some at  Kitty Kisses. This magical slime green van pulled up outside my work filled with plants, inspiring stickers, and love. Oh and a cute girl with blond dreads who lives and travels in this mini bus with her cat Wookie. I love meeting other earth faeries. meow2 True. Keep that childlike spirit alive, keep playing babes.


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