Pink Tart

12 Summer sunsets in the garden with an organic smoothie, candles, and a book. I love taking a little time everyday to spoil myself, relax, play dress up, and day dream. 3This smoothie is my new obsession and so addicting! I stumbled upon it on a menu at a random restaurant, and had to make it! I am obsessed with grapefruit, strawberries, pineapple, and bananas. Then all blended together with a big hand full of Ice makes for a sexy citrus pink drink. It really is perfection, I love the combination of flavors, and the slimming, and skin benefits. Plus fruit really makes your skin glow. When it is really hot it is hard to eat sometimes, so this is an easy, healthy,filling, and refreshing treat. So Good. 4 I love candles! I can not live without them. I love being by fire in general, especially outside when the sun is going down. Warmth, comfort, and light, whats not to be absolutely mesmerized by. 5 6 Enjoy your life, and make every little thing you do special, because you only have this one. Take care of it. So If you want to take a further step towards sexy, and radiance, make one of these. Unless you don’t care for grapefruit, you will hate this. My mom taught me to love it, but it wasn’t too hard. Just blend fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, a hand full of each trimmed strawberries, frozen fresh pineapple, ice, a banana, and splash of water. So yummy, and worth every sip.


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  1. Looks like bliss! and I love the sound of that smoothie, it’s making my mouth water at the thought of it! 🙂

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