I am the Lizard Queen

lzlq Another genius episode of the Simpsons(best show ever for the babies out there who don’t know) Lisa and Homer are the best. Lisa drinks the Toxic Water at Duff Gardens and has an ACID trip, gets naked, freaks out and references Jim Morrison’s poem Celebration of The Lizard. Perfect. I love the little blanket and pills they giver her, tee-hee. lq2 So I had to make it into a Vest. “I am the Lizard Queen, I can do anything.”lq4 I mixed the perfect pastel shade of lavender and dyed a white denim vest. Then I watched old Simpsons episodes in bed and painted Lil Lisa and her Lizard Queen Moment! Then I studded it, added buttons, and jewels, and sewed on a white fur collar. It turned out so cute! This numbered wearable art could be yours. http://macymarie.storenvy.com/products/7160408-lizard-queen-vestlqOnce I had a little game…I liked to crawl back in my brain. I think you know the game I mean…I mean the game called “Go Insane”.lq3 Sneak peak of the cutest lace ans sparky pastel alien garters I am making. Coming soon. This skirt is everything! If you want one: http://www.supershop24hrs.com lq6 Here is the front of the vest! Oh and did you notice the Heart of the Ocean sunnies. I made three pairs with love, magic, and glitter.  Little Lolita Mermaid babes they could be yours! Perfect for summer. http://macymarie.storenvy.com/ The blue reflective lenses are so rad. lq5 Way back deep into the brain. Way back past the realm of pain. Back where there’s never any rain. – The Celebration Of The Lizard. Jim Morrisonleakiyt Brothers and sisters of the pale forest. Children of night. Who among you will run with the hunt? James Douglas Morrison. 


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