Daisys Up Your Butterfly

vouge4 Well I been seein’ red and singing the blues far back as I can tell, til daisys came from heaven and decorate the gates of hell, you might b’lieve the world is sweet and fine as sugar candy, but I myself believe in whatever comes in handy. Daisys up your butterfly -The Cramps
vouge2 I went for my first buy(YAY!!!) for my shop last weekend. I picked up the cutest neon tropical parrot rings, to gift with purchases. Little steps, little steps. Back to the rings, I love them! They sparked up my tropical neon summer obsession again! Had me all day dreaming in downtown LA. No seriously I could hop on a plane right now, in a little white dress, and head to a Sunny Exotic Island. Cocktails, cold beer, pineapples, coconuts, sunscreen, sandals, and Endless Summer.  I am getting carried away:) So I played around with my eye makeup so it looks kind of bird like with a soft blue eyeliner, and a neon pink lash with black feathers. Primer, foundation, illuminator stick , and powder makes for a nice glow. Then I braided some fake hot pink hair into a high bun, and pinned. Then as always a pop of iridescent rainbow crystal, like the bad ass earrings seen above.  I also got the coolest earrings that scream I’m a 90s babe, all for sale at macymarie.storenvy.com Free Neon parrot ring with purchase!!!sp2 Who killed Bambi? Never Trust a Hippy. I love the sex pistols! I am sure many of you have your own bond with this record! I was always more into Johnny Rotten, but I loved the Iconic look of Sid Vicious. That chain! the perfect length over his distressed band shirt, Fashion crush forever! For reals tho, I remember always scouting for good locks and chains to wrap around my neck. So I had to make one! I found this heavy vintage gold chain and knew it was the one, then I found the lock! Brassy gold, and silver with a cool shape. I went further by E600 glue and irridescent sparkly crystals, and the end result is perfection! Goes with everything! sp3 http://macymarie.storenvy.com/dasey6 How Cool are 8 balls. So Cool I had to put on my nocturnal shades, and some records. uglydasey2 Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do, I’m half crazy, all for the love of you. daisysell


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