LA LA Land

hd I went to LA and went on my first buy for my own store!!! I love the Fashion District, especially all the discount shopping and bomb Mexican street food. I was starving and had to have a bacon wrapped  hot dog, with jalapeno! Then I went to stay with my home girls in Hollywood! IMG_4497[1] j What a perfect way to start the evening. We had some really good french cheese as well. If you don’t like my fire then don’t come around….j2 Then we hopped on the metro to The Original Cult Outlet to surprise my friend Kelsey with fluffy pink flamingo earrings for her wedding, and a little shopping. In love with my Lip Service Skeletal Corset with choker she gave me!!! I walked in and she was rocking punk, and wearing a bad ass Black Flag shirt! My kindred spirit. I could of left with everything in that place! I will be back soon.kelsey4Cause, I’m crazy and I’m hurt. Head on my shoulders Going…Berserk!kelsey1la1 la2 macyanji1We Are Mortals-Google it.macy7macy1 I love riding the metro, and getting solid walking, and street exploration in. But most of all I like the people, priceless conversation, memories, and laughs. We went to Little Tokyo for Kawaii stuff, cold beer, and sushi, then hopped back on to explore Chinatown.  burger2hoplouie We went to have drinks at the bar in Hop Louie, it was an experience. You walk in and it is a shady dark dive, a hole in the wall type, with a few options, a juke box,and Locals. Horrible service, but I think it is supposed to be like that. There are all sorts of napkin illustrations of the owner, all different versions of the glasses wearing grumpy old sport. I had to know the story. Lucky there was this skinny, fly old man, like a cholo but asian. Total local, he told us everything, and even bought us a round of shots. So he began telling us of the Legend, and the napkin art. The owner would make you pay $5 to draw him if he didn’t like it, he never liked any, you always had to pay, then he puts them up. Artists from all over came in to take a stab at illustrating him. I totally would have but, he wasn’t there, and I am broke. The story fulfilled me enough. Ground control….macyrocketmacyanji6 Chinatown, it’s a different scene. There are people there, they are so obscene. If you see what I mean. Then they’ve sold you the dream, Down in Chinatown. -Thin Lizzychinatown I come alive in the neon light, That’s when I make my moves right. _Judas Priest. Photos by Jeannette Jordana (Only The High Quality Ones:) Look her up on Vimeo! I have a lil shitty old purple camera that I just Love. Anyways, this was the shot of the night! I absolutely love it, it takes me to another place. The city really comes to life at night, and there is nothing better than neon lights. 


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