Love Letters

luv Just got off work and found the most magical an heart warming package from a beautiful soul named Tiffany. Full of sparkle, my lil pony stickers, and more:) I loved the letter most of all! I cried! I have lived a really hard life, and am still struggling everyday, and it means the world to me when people reach out and let me know how much I inspire them with my strength, love, and positive energy. For me life has always been about the journey, not the destination. Shared stories, laughter, and the people you meet along the way is what it is all about. Non conformists who live day to day, and share the same lust for life and positive outlook. Free spirits who wear their hearts on their sleeves are the strong ones. Fame, success, money, popularity, it all means nothing in the end. What is important is to spread happiness and make a lasting impression on those you pass. To enjoy each day because you never know when your time will be. Tiffany has been  living with Lupus for about four years and still sparkles with good vibes and inspiration. She chooses an optimistic way of life, and makes the time to share her love with others. Thanks for finding me love. This is a perfect example of why I love IG! People want to Rag on it, but with out it I wouldn’t have been able to reach out on this level or have met all the talented and creative people I now call friends. Sending lots of love, light, and glitter your way too! Much Love

This really inspired me! It is so much fun to get a package, and even better when it is full of exciting q&a, glitter, and surprises. Pen Pals have been around forever but not everyone makes time to partake in the magic. Sending strangers, friends, and family, letters of Love, couldn’t be more rewarding. Instead of focusing on bills, struggle,drama, envy, hate, or any energy draining nonsense like that, write a letter, or send a cool themed gift box to friends. Tell somebody how they influenced you, inspired you, or made a big change in your life. It really is the little things in life, and tears of joy, and love. We are all on a journey, and gestures of kindness like this give me hope and strength. Share the Love.


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