Pale Palace By The Sea

barbieclutch One morning at work, a beautiful elderly beauty queen brought in a box full of vintage white shell resembling purses. After she confessed to me her love for white, and went on about her pale palace by the sea, I took the whole box home. I loved her story and had to have some of her magic. I day dreamed what it would be like to be her, sipping champagne, eating the finest foods, and wearing the most fabulous clothes. A world full of Icy sparkles, an ocean breeze, white roses, sheets, curtains, marble, and shells. Radiating under every sunset and sipping champagne. I made coffee and tended my beach side thrift store as I sewed pearls, shells, and broken jewelry that Marina had snagged of the necks off the rude drunk tourist gals. Dreaming, and telling a story one bag at a time. I wanted to create the feeling so I made pearl bubbles like an underwater shell, or bubbles from champagne. I elegantly brushed gold leaf paint, and sewed a few shells for an elegant seaside queen.bury3bury2 This tiny little mermaid handbag I call Buried treasure. I wanted to make it look like a mermaids treasure box was surfacing through the sparkly sand. Shells, jewels, a hand painted moon shell, all peeping out of a mermaid like shell form. Oh the Daydreams I have as I forage for shells, and jump waves…Pretending I am mermaid. I also got this bag from that dear old lady from the white palace by the sea. She would have loved what I have done to it. It could be yours at The glasses too! I call them the nerdy mermaid frames. I picture a girl who reads every day until sunset, in a chunky soft sweater, a special necklace, and a backpack full of treasures. She collects shells then glues them on her glasses, she likes to be unique. She like special things, and to be close to the earth. Speaking of the earth, this brown shell hair piece is to die for. I used a shell from the Blue Lagoon, and glued on an old sparkly bindi, some broken jewelry, a clip, and a fluffy feather of one of Marina’s hat steals.  So pretty on the side of tour hair, or the edge of a pretty dress.clip2clipglassesmerseaaaa


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