Her Eyes Were as Vacant as the Sea

mermaid4mermaid6 Blue Lagoon Mermaid Shell Bra from Macymarie.wordpress.com. I made this piece with lots of love and over several years. I found this plastic shell mermaid bra, leftover from a giant summer party at my house, and had to re create it. I glitter mod podged it, then went to town with the barnacle like crusting of pearls, jewels, and shells. I sewed it onto a vintage baby blue bra, and hand sewed pearls, a vintage cameo, and more. It fits so well. It is pretty snug on me but it will work from a b cup to a full c perfectly. So sexy under a sheer dresses, lace tank, or chunky sweater. Or Just playing mermaid for the day. mermaid5 mermaid3mermaid2 By starlight I’ll kiss you…And promise to be your one and only. I’ll make you feel happy…And leave you to be lost in mine. And where will we go, what will we do? Soon said I, will know. Dead eyes, are you just like me?
Cause her eyes were as vacant as the seas….Dead eyes, are you just like me?-Smashing Pumpkins



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4 responses to “Her Eyes Were as Vacant as the Sea

  1. Karla

    This piece is so cute. And the clutch below is perfect. How much are they and how do you order them?

    I came across your instagram and fell in love with your merch

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