A Girl By The Sea

There was a girl who lived by the sea, and  friend-ed a mermaid who was too perfect to be. They shared solemn emotions hard to control, There hearts were connected, mind body and soul. With each magical creation her life was sewn, and with her siren friend she felt less alone.  Talking and Playing under the starry lights,endless inspiration filled so many nights. tearsseee Here is a letter I wrote about my dear sea dwelling friend Marina. Mermaid Tears destroy all fears.Marinas Tears2 Now that you know the story, I feel it is time I part ways with my Marina’s Tears. Handmade with love, pearls, broken jewelry, crystals, gold wire, tiny shells, and a magical flower. The beaded necklace itself came from an Island in Brazil I got years ago, and the vile from the bottom of the ocean. Share this necklace with a best friend for whom circumstances causes distance. Enjoy it until you meet again, then your bestie can keep near her heart when it is her turn. Sharing love, and special creations is a fun way to stay close with a far away friend. Even make your own and decorate it more and more as time goes on. If you would like to purchase Marina’s Tears Necklace, the first in my Girl By The Sea Collection, then head to http://macymarie.storenvy.com/marina marina2 Imagine this long ethereal  necklace, with a cozy fuzzy long sweater!!! or super ripped jeans. Love.


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