Mermaidia Treasures

mer I have wrote many blog posts confessing my eternal love for Mermaids, and promising a collection for years, but the time finally feels right. I have been writing a short story about a girl by the sea who lives in a small fishing town in Rio, who befriends the loveliest mermaid of all. It is a fictional story with drips of reality and truth. A dream state, painting a prettier picture of a crazy creative life. A lone creative girl filled with love, inspiration, and dreams.  I have been working on, and collecting the bits and pieces for ages, and now going to finally open up the treasure chest.

Summer is creeping up fast in California, although it often feels that way here. We all have our own definition of summer depending on where in the world we are living, so whatever, and whenever that will be, I will be selling one of a kind hand made treasures perfect for the occasion. Hand crafted unique pieces, and paintings, all with a fun story that ties into the collection can be yours, hehe. Something magical to wear to the beach, or to cherish and share with a best friend is my aim. A Girl By the Sea is the name. I will little by little release it on my online shop, and here on my blog. I want to tell a story, and make you feel unexpectedly nostalgic for the sea.  I want to make shopping a fun and full experience full of tales, details, and care. This is so much fun, and a exercise in creativity. Look forward to some ethereal crave-able  pieces that you will fall for. The glimmer will glamour you, As the sea does, during and sunset. The light of twilight, or a dim bar really brings this wearable art to life, watch and see.  I want you to feel special as you wear every piece, and really love it. Anyways here is a few of my treasures that are already up for sale at Don’t forget all your purchases often come with surprises! merbagshell1charm Vintage re worked handmade bags decorated with shells, pearls, and other gems, are a common occurrence in this collection. Wait until you see them. I fell in love with each bag on first sight and saw the mermaid vision in each one. I scored 6 bags of the most beautiful shells I have ever seen. Tiny notes read old dates and different beds of sea, even the Blue Lagoon. I am not kidding. They were so magical I spent a day playing with them, and coming up with stories, playing dress up, and placing them with the purse they should belong to. As the collection rolls on my character will share the life of thrifting, trading, collecting, crafting,and loving every little part along the way. Art and inspiration is everywhere, so here is a journey into mine. How cute are the golden vintage perfume bottle, and fork and spoon pins. They look so cute on faux fur jackets, hats, socks! The little gold painted shell bowls with cupid charms are to die for, and I only have a few. I love keeping rings, tiny treasures, gems, stones, and soaps in them. A mermaids house must have.fam These fluffy flamingo earrings are too fabulous. I sell them in their own jeweled and decorated cages. They are well trained, well behaved, and beautiful. They all have their own personality. ffff These Queen Flamingo earrings already sold but more are coming soon, and with two new styles that will sell out fast, so excited.


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