Easter Free Style

eastergarter I love Easter so much for the excess in pastels, bunnies, baby chickens, floral, chocolate,marshmallows, and cute. I keep the nostalgia of Vintage Easter in my head and keep a childlike spirit about the whole thing Plus, it is also in the beginning of spring, and being in nature around this time makes me happy. If only the chirping birds, and little creatures helped me clean like they do in a Disney movie. garteroutfit Pulling my look for tomorrow, I am going super Kawaii in pastels, and Easter handmade cozy treasures. I wear what I want, If I trim myself to suit others, I will soon whittle myself away. bunnyy I made these mint  pom pom earrings with Vintage bunnies I found at work. I am so excited to wear all this tomorrow. eas Be creative, wear something cute, make something new, and most of all have fun this Easter. Free Your Mind, body, and soul. Instead of being judgmental, critical, or caring what people around you think, just let go! Laugh, indulge, share yourself with loved ones, and give even the tiniest gift. Love is free. Life has been hard on me lately on many levels, but I will not give in, I will enjoy every drop. Only look behind for good memories, because the past is only in your head. Let the future be new each day, filled with opportunity, and  new friends. Happy Easter.


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