A Pastel Dream State

cb1cb6cb3cb5cb4 I am terminally pastel, no going back, I can just sink into an oblivion of muted down pinks, blues, and violets. Baby Blue is my all time favorite color. I love pink so much too, but right now I am crushing hard on anything in this pastel shade. I am dying to have my hair a light baby blue for summer, so I chalked my hair a bit to see how it would look. It blended so perfect with my existing lavender, and baby pink, I might just have to keep it. I like! I know I damaged my hair a bit, but having mermaid, or my little pony hair is so worth it. You only live once! I mean it, life is too damn short for worrying about what other people think. We all have our own perceptions on reality, so live and let live, and always give love. Mind your own Business. Never mind judgement, comparison, or envy. Do your best with fear. Be Yourself, let go, and always have fun. Don’t be afraid to be original.

When I am home I wear my vintage lingerie, it makes me feel girly, and glamorous. I also went extreme with the makeup but I had this urge for a goddess third eye, and whimsical spider lashes. I felt like being art today, just decorate myself,  blend, and paint until it feels right. Then make some tea, watch Frozen, and craft in bed.  Then have my boyfriend take photos of me modeling my new items. Made so many pom pom fluffies my bed looks like the Lorax forest. I already sold out of all of them too, so making currently making more. I really like how the Cinderella blues one turned out. I glued two vintage charms together, and added a gold chain to these precious poofs. Macymarie.storenvy.com to buy. hey2  This was my look yesterday, pastel lavender, pink, and gold. This pink flamingo, clear plastic heart,  handbag is still for sale: macymarie.storenvy.com. Only making three of these. hey3 Well I never promised you a rose garden.hey I will be selling so many magical pastel accessories, vintage baby dolls & nightgowns in the near future, so stay tuned. I am also working on a series of Pastel erotic paintings, floral nymph watercolors, fantasy art, and surprise collections. Also trying to finally launch my line, Kindred Stars. but it is taking a while. I am working hard, and working my day job too, so I have been tired, and broke, but I am doing it. That is all that matters., and having so much fun sharing my creations with others. Now I am taking some more time to myself, going on walks, eating super clean, and working out. Pastel State of Mind. And getting packages ready for so beautiful fashion faeries. No joke, so many beautiful girls around the world are rocking my giant pom pom earrings. I love You all, and have to share pics.  yyss So this jacket has finally set sail, on it’s way to a cute Pink haired french blogger babe.lilstar Little star is on its way to Australia. That and half my Lorax Trees. food


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