Strawberry Watermelon Mojito-Mimosa


  • A small watermelon
  • A Handful of Rinsed and cut strawberries
  • Organic Sugar, or Raw sugar
  • Limes sliced
  • Rum of choice
  • Organic Mint
  • A can of Grapefruit San Pellegrino Soda
  • Champagne
  • Love – Not so secret Ingredient.

Blend fresh cut watermelon chunks and toss them in a blender. Use a cookie cutter or fruit popper to make a few heart to garnish, I put them on a skewer. Next toss in a your strawberries, water,and a good splash of rum. Strain into a glass to remove the chunky parts, discard them. Next grab a few glasses,set aside. Also set out a small plate and pour some sugar on it. Mash up a strawberry using a fork to a pulp, add some raw sugar and mash more. Then swirl the rim of your glasses in the strawberry then into your sugar. It should look pinkish, slightly blushing. Slice a few strawberries at the bottom and garnish, then put in your watermelon heart wands! Freeze until you are ready. Remove from freezer, and muddle some fresh organic mint leaves, and limes, with brown or raw sugar. Top with your juice, and more rum if desired, some ice, some soda, then champagne. Enjoy. Oh and put out the leftover ingredients on ice, and make more as you go. Drink up lovelies. watermelon2


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