Sexy Backyard Brunch

brunchbrunch2brunch3 I love Brunch more than the word itself! Nothing better then afternoon drinking, and eating breakfast food! In the process of making a one of a kind brunch book to sell after summer as well. Also search my recipe section, and or food section for sexy recipes.  This is a special brunch because it is my 13 year anniversary of dating my boyfriend, my sun and stars. So I set out a blanket, decorated a bit, and set out yummy food, and fresh mimosas. Well Strawberry Watermelon Mojito Mimosas. brunch4 I also set out our favorite, a bagel bar, with the works: Whipped cream cheese, lox,capers,dill, cucumber, pepper crusted bacon, avocado, and tomatoes. Then some Salami, cheeses, a quince paste, and a few crackers. Also a yummy minted watermelon heart fruit salad, and fresh berries(see recipes).brunch1brunch7brunch9 You just keep a bucket of ice going with liquor, beers, fresh juice, and champagne. You make the first cocktail all special and perfect like, with freshly muddled mint, and brown sugar, then top off your drink as you go. It is so fun to share a bottle of champagne as the bubbles flow over your glass, lips, and hands. brunch8 Thirteen years ago this Beautiful Brasilian, surfer, and guitarist, changed my world. It was love at first sight even though we took it slow. I was his art tutor, hehe. He saved up to take me to Disneyland, and boy did he spoil me. As I curled next to him in bed, and spent the night with him for the first time, He asked me sweetly,” When we go to Disneyland for the weekend, can we go as a couple.” I was like yes, and I love you. He said I love you for the first time to me as we entered Disney Gates, he whispered it in my ear in Portuguese. I melted. Eu Te Amo. Needless to say, here we are 13 years went by faster than a blink of an eye. We have had our struggles, pains, fights, ups & downs, but always remained hot for each other, and I hope this fire never goes out. Electricity still comes through our hands as we hold them, and his warm arms make me feel forever safe.  Love conquers all, and I am so blessed for this one. Two beautiful free spirit messes of Virgos, broke, fabulous, and talented. Two Peas in a Pod, with a Lust For Life, who refuse to grow up:)brunch5 Cheers, to love, life, and the pursuit of Happiness.


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